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Saturday, July 2, 2016

How Good Neighborhoods Go Bad 07 02 2016

How Good Neighborhoods Go Bad 07 02 2016

It starts when they teach the mentally defective to see out of the eyes of a human being.  When that happens they believe that they possess everything that human has; and that is when the THEFT'S start to happen.  And once the thefts start to happen that neighborhood is sunk!

And it is indeed being facilitated by Government programs such as Special Education and Head Start.

And after the neighborhood has gone bad the living devils (Satan) deny everything or having any part in it!


There is an element of creating anarchy in this process too!  With all the thefts and crime?  Yes.  And I went to one Move On meeting and it was like an indoctrination into creating anarchy!  I believe the Clintons are behind that too, but you will never figure who are members because it is all Cell Network based like terrorist networks are stated to be.


Those neighborhoods and Countries afflicted by this never recover!  And the currency goes bad!  But who is it that wants anarchy?  Again read above; those who are not one of us and will never be have the motivation to ruin for the rest of us who are the good!

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