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Friday, July 1, 2016

What is this Nation of Immigrants Stuff? 07 01 2016

What is this Nation of Immigrants Stuff?  07 01 2016

The Founding Fathers expected you would come here and wanted you to if you had the same belief system as our Constitution!  That means that you believe in Freedom of Speech and the right to keep and bare arms.  What does that mean?  It means you were expected to be of a certain standard!

1.  It means that someone could say whatever they want about you and it would not offend you because you were of a certain capability?

2.  It means that you were a responsible adult who could tell your children no and they would listen!  As in don't play with that gun!

Are there aloof immigrants here who believe that no matter where they go they can rule and behave as they see fit?  Yes!

Immigration wasn't supposed to mean come here and establish competing ideas!  It didn't mean come here and cause problems because you are not fair to people or you victimize them!

Do you see what this country is about and what it isn't supposed to be about?

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