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Sunday, January 1, 2012

70 Metal Books a new discovery Found a discovery like the Dead Sea Scrolls

I can tell you what is in it already. They say it refers to the book of Revelation.

If you look at the cover and study the symbolism of the picture it confirms what I know of the Book of Revelation. I have not had time to relay my understanding of the book of revelation to you but I can tell you what the symbolism on the cover of that metal book is about.

First of all, the character has only 4 fingers per hand, that means that it does not work. Second you see a fiery pattern to the hair and it looks to be a woman’s head. The fire pattern tells that it is "One of the miserable ones that is still with us."

Next we see that the lungs are out of proportion and much larger than they should be. This is telling us that the woman has a strong voice. If we couple the strong voice with the fiery head we then understand that the symbolism is she is the source of the voices in people’s heads. What else do we see in the symbolism? For feet she has three prongs! This means she sets herself in place and does not move!  The fiery hair means that she lacks her own soul!  That image is one that is very unsettling!

What is below her to the left in the picture is a three fingered hand that is also a phallic symbol pointing to her.  This is s duplicitous symbol in that it means me desire her and also that the men that desire her have less capability than she does, they only have three fingers.  The three fingers point to her in both blame and desire!  As such they under her control!!!  This creates what the Irish referred to as the race of women.  The men have less capability than her, 3 fingers versus her 4.  And the phallic symbol of the three fingers also means they desire no one but her.  You might even say that the man only has two fingers and the middle is a phallus, that would have a different implication.

The fact that  her pitchfork that is stuck in the ground representing her feet is also symbolic of what her effect and control does to the men.  She puts there lesser 3 fingers into the ground and steps on them and as such they are worthless.  (This might also mean the symbolism of Jesus telling people you will beat your swords into plow shares.  He is saying it will be because of her!  What little fingers the man phallic three finger symbol had are beaten into plow shares by her feet!  Her fourth finger is indeed her lungs and as we see she has many fingers as hair.

I can tell you a little bit about the book of revelation.  In the book of revelation we see that a presumed God is critiquing the work of a person.  The bible started out with a presumed God mocking the work of someone by saying, “You are a stiff necked person!”

In the book of revelation, this is the same mocking God that isn’t.  That picture you see on the cover is symbolic of her!

The second symbol is the brow of a man.  It is also a tree with stars for eyes.  The eyes are also symbolic of genitlia.  The eyes of stars look down at the ground and see many new stars that are close to the ground.  The stars close to the ground are what has been immaculately conceived by the tree with stars for eyes.  The trunk of the tree is also triplicitous  in that it is a nose, phallic symbol and also a trunk of a tree.  What this symbol is also telling the world that as the man ages the brown increases.  What is Jesus telling us?  That generation after generation of immaculately conceived are seen through the many layers or generations of brows of men!!!!!

The generations of Jesus Christ are represented by the many layers of his brows!

The brows of the man are also arches.  One arch relays to the next.  But there is nothing connecting the top arch to the one below it and that one below it.  This is Jesus Christ saying he sees what has been immaculately conceived and yet the chain of lineage is broken.  A father to son.  And then another father appears that does not know his father but does know his son.  We can infer that the reason there is disconnect between brows is due to the image of the woman that I described in the first paragraphs.  Jesus is saying that there is a disconnect from a pairing of father to son to the next son and his son.  This sounds a lot like why schizophrenia skips a generation!!!!  (Read my article Judea Ledger)

This echoes what I had said a few articles ago that if you hear it (voices in your head) you are part of it!  Etc!!!

I could go into the book of revelation more but I already know what it reveals!  And a lot of you do to, and it is consistent with my ranting’s on this blog!  When I get time I will tell you more of the Book of Revelation.

But do not despair, people know of me and I do of them.  The many fiery women know me and I know of them.  So after all is revealed I believe the world will work as one and clean the planet up and get the clean energy up and running.  Might be a new era of peace to last one thousand years.

You might find it very interesting to know that my blogsite: has a double ganger that shows pictures of Israel on it.  I believe that other website is  The reason my website has been double ganged (has a double) is because they do not want you to know what I have written. Only one of the websites was created by me and it is the one that shows my broad array of accomplishments.  I did not take the time to read the other.  There is no such thing as a disease called schizophrenia, what it is really is an interaction between the two figures you see on the book covers.  I am what I am, you are what you are, why deny it? 

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Peace be to all!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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