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Saturday, January 28, 2012

It should be illegal to sell water for profit 01 28 2012

It should be illegal to sell water for profit.  Why?  Because it is a Prima Facia conflict of interest to the health and welfare of the American Public.

Not having clean water to drink is often the sign of being a third world country.

I believe that the origins of the soft drink industry were inspired by Snake Oil Salesmen. 

Isn't it a crime that our water is so bad in the United States today that if you swim in it you could get sick and die!!!!

When the major shift happened that soft drink companies started to package and sell water a red flag went up with me and I was irate.  You should be too.

What can the sale of water for profit only lead to?  A scarcity of clean water for everyone.  The very technology that is used to bottle such water contributes greatly to water pollution.  In fact it is the main source of water pollution.  What am I speaking about?  Plastic bottles synthesized from oil derived resins,  Oil obtained energy used to create the bottles, mercury in the air from coal used to produce the same required energy and the oil spills that are caused as a result of this need for energy.

I don't even like to drink out of plastic bottles.  I was proven correct when the bottles bearing the number 7 on the bottom of them were banned.  I can tell you that no plastic bottle is as good for you as a glass bottle is to drink of.  How do I know this?  Because I can taste the plastic in the water and not the glass, it is just that simple.

Selling water in bottles is just part of the same process of selling you what you should not have to pay for.  They did it with cable TV and then cable TV monopolized television.  It is sickening and an abuse of our rights.  Why?  Because they are making a business out of something that was a deemed to be a function of government.  They are making a business out of something that was supposed to have more regulation by government.  It appears are pro business conservatives are really the filthy liberals in our country.  Liberal- the word comes from liberation.  In the case of the Republican party they are liberating themselves from responsibility and the oversight of being regulated.

It is like this, after the American public starts to wake up from the dangers of junk food then we see Corporate America start to profit from selling clean water.  That is not fair and you know it.

Are we really a third world country when we do not have clean water or have indeed sold clean water for profit as a business at the "neglection"of keeping our waters clean?

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