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Sunday, January 29, 2012

God and Country 01 29 2012

God and Country 01 29 2012

Any religion that does not recognize the reality of Satan, as told by Jesus Christ in, in their weekly mass and admonish Satan with set phrases in its weekly mass will not be free to practice.

Any religion that seeks to paradise this is guilty of heresy and all members must leave the country.

What is the reality of Satan?  It is the reality of the dependent minded.  Newt Gingrich said that the main reason that he was running for President was to protect religious freedom.  Today we have Voodoo and Wiccans recognized as national religion.  They both worship something that is less than the human ideal.  And they both can easily be defined as being Satanic.  This country was founded on the basis of God and country.  Satan is the exact opposite of God.  This country was never founded on the basis of Satan and Country!  For Newt to recognize the legitimacy of every religion does indeed mean that he is Satan himself.  Why?  Because he legitimizes Satan.  To believe in Satan means that you are Satan.  To deny the existence of Satan also means that you are Satan.

All religions that do not recognize and admonish the reality of Satan will face a 100% tax as will all secret societies.  Secret societies can be deemed the equivalent of a Satanic religion.  Members affiliated with such societies past and present should be barred from serving in public office of our country of God and Country.  Fraternities and Fraternal societies have a long history of hazing and hazing members not of the fraternity- some of these have resulted in death.

What happens when they graduate from college?  They continue this secret activity of hazing.  Why?  Because they have learned to be evil and live no other way.  Most likely they were dependent minded since birth.  So where does it end with them after college?  Do they run out on the street and harm your child?  Do they create drug and crime networks to continue to practice Satanism against others not of their secret society, fraternity or religion?   They represent the exact opposite of what this country was founded on and what it stands for.

Newt Gingrich was adopted.  I have to ask myself, “Do Satanic mothers put their children up for adoption when they cannot hear a soul present in the child?”

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