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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If I had the money I would set up a company for Black Listed Authors

If I had the money I would set up a company for Black Listed Authors?

Why?  Because black listing an author is one of the worst forms of political censorship a democracy can endure!

Some of those Black Listed authors have very important messages to tell us and there should be a publishing venue for them in this country.  Otherwise we are essentially a communistic or dictatorship country!

They would have to have been blacklisted for a reason already.  None of these authors striving for emotional attention or publishing lies either.  Just truths.  I would like to hear the stories of every mentally ill person ever published by such a company.  It would be called, "Black Listed Publishing"
or something like that.  My company would make more money than any other company.

But here is the kicker, do not take my idea and run with it because you will ruin it, I am the only one that I trust to oversee such a company.  Why because it could end up being controlled by those who have an agenda contrary to its mission.

We would get a whole different idea with regards to relgion!

I might post this on the website that funds ideas.

What would the costs be?

If I could estimate those items I could apply for funding.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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