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Monday, January 2, 2012

Two New automotive laws that should be proposed and go into effect 01 02 2011

New automotive laws that should be proposed and go into effect.

1.       All new tires on cars should be stamped with contrasting 1” ‘lettering’ numbers that tells what inflation level they should be set to out the outer sidewall.  Gas mileage would increase and our energy crisis would help be abated.  There would even be less accidents.  So if you have standard black tires the numbering should be in white.  The contrasting numbering would help boost concern and awareness and thereby serve as a better reminder to keep tires properly inflated.  It should be a law!

2.      All remotely used vehicles like are used in the military should have a hand crank that can be used to charge the battery or start the car so the alternator can take over.  The dynamo could be used to get a capacitor up to speed.  This will also be helpful when we switch over to electric cars.  So the technology should be implemented.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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