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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where are all the other skull and bones burried 01 03 2011

This morning I found a pot of uncooked barley on the stove.  Yesterday the power went out and I could not cook it.  I started to dump it in the sink and then down the disposer when I thought, “Do I really want this to go directly into the Milwaukee River?”  The year is 2011 do we really need our national water resources to be part of our sanitation and disposal system.

Then I wondered what could be done with the slop.  I put it in a plastic grocery sack and sat it in the sink.  I thought, “If I raised chickens I could feed it to them.”  No this does not sound practical and is likely against ordinance. Then I thought what if there was a place where people could dump this stuff in rows of a field for birds to eat.  Then I thought you would likely see mutated birds dropping dead and rat infestation.

But then I came up with a better idea.  In the country the sewer systems are all those big  tanks shaped like a large pill or air compressor!  What if somewhere in the city there was one such large tanker that could be mounted to the back of a semitruck?  People could go and dispose of their waste on a road above the tank and when it is full it could be driven away and a new one placed underneath.  What would happen with the vegetable and table type waste?  It could be dried up or mulched and would indeed make a good garden fertilizer.  This would be a requirement of Citizens.  The disposal process would be monitored by Military Police.

Then I read on the internet how bones were found on Queen Elizabeth’s Estate.  And I realized that to many my writing with regard to the Kings Royal Religion might not be sounding as strange.  And who would burry bones shallow on an estate?  Boy’s in line to be Prince?

Then I saw a picture of the new War Mongering Republican candidate for President and immediately thought that President Kennedy would say that he came from an Ivy League University that does nothing in support of Democracy.  I have yet to look up his biography but what I would be interested to know if he came from a University that had secret societies and chanted rape chants to young women?  I have nothing good to say about the Satanic who think they have leadership skills and never will!  Do you know what the Ivy League do when they get jobs in America?  There is only one thing that they know how to do and are good at, and that is hazing good human beings!  And that is why our economy is suffering and unemployment is so high!!!  The satanic hide their identity in the world by creating fear, insulting others and threatening unemployment!  What is their identity?  They are of dependent mind to those they have stigmatized and labeled schizophrenic!  If you think about it, the high wealth non-working class have too much time on their hands and idle minds.  Idle minds are evil minds and have no other fate than to be dependent minds.  Where are all the other “Skulls and Bones” buried!

 Thomas Paul Murphy
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