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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Psychological Discovery- Reverse Maturation 01 05 2011

New Psychological Discovery- Reverse Maturation 01 05 2011
This is a syndrome where instead of children being made into mature adults by the parents, the parents become immature like the children.

How does this happen.  This can only happen in one way and that is when the parents never had the responsibility of adulthood to raise the children in the first place.

It might by more symptomatic of a world where a great wealth of money can easily be made with little effort or intelligence.  But that cannot be true in its entirety because if it were we would not see class structures and poverty.  So what element or machination exist today that allows those who have less maturity and intelligence to attain great wealth and hoard it over others as if they are better?  It is the psychological construct known as Reverse Maturation.

What happens when two wealthy parents of lower intelligence have children? It is not likely that what comes from them can be any smarter than them, it is not likely that there is much of a soul created by them to start that child off with.  So if that soul does not come from that child because the parents are defensive attack minded dimwits, where does the soul come from?  There is only one place that soul can come from and that is God.  Know who would God be?  If you look at it in terms of a scale of intelligence God would be the most intelligent.  Know if you believe that human beings have a soul then you would also believe that the human soul is passed along to their children along with the physical manifestation of the human being that is created.  Do you agree?  Now here is the very important part:  If a soul is separated from a man to be part of the child conceived to be a fetus and also part of that soul is separated from a woman to be part of a fetus; that can only mean one thing!  If souls can be separated it means they can exist outside of the original soul that they came from!  In effect when you conceived a child you gave them part of your soul!  And that child exists with a part of your soul outside of yourself.  So I have just proved that our souls can exist in part outside of ourselves. 

So if I am giving part of my soul to the child I conceive with a woman, where is my part of soul coming from?  It would have to be contained within semen! The semen would indeed be the transport mechanism for my part of the soul.  What happens when a man discards his semen?  Does the soul of that semen die?  If a part of your soul exists outside of your body as I have proven then it is unlikely to be able to die.  So where does it go?  I think the good souls trump the bad or lack of soul to those who are born with very little.  And it might be what I have termed a soul cloud.  Is that soul cloud indeed what is meant by God is everywhere? 

If a child is born its human soul would indeed have been contributed to by the Soul Cloud of God.  Only the soul cloud of God would be the soul cloud of God, why?  Because that is how human beings are defined; as having a soul!  There are those of us in this world who try and develop our souls to be better persons and think for ourselves and then there are those who would not care to bear the responsibility for thinking at all.   I believe that great thoughts form great souls and contribute to humanity.  Now you would think that it would not matter if people had little thought or bad thoughts.  Why would you think this?  Because by definition only good can contribute to the God soul cloud; it just can’t be bad!  But here is the earthy threat to the soul cloud of God and Humanity and it is the psychological concept called Reverse Maturation.

What is Reverse Maturation?  It is when the parents of a child gifted with a better soul reinforce the negativity of their own poor souls onto that child and corrupt that child to be something not of its divinity.  In effect that child was born with what can be termed a starter soul.  A starter soul has some memories of where it came from and where it was going.  A starter soul is indeed on the same “Wave length” as the progenitor of it.  So what happens with Reverse Maturation?  Those parents with lessor’s souls contrive to have the child born with the starter soul draw upon the starter soul!  In effect the parents tax the soul of the progenitor for all it is worth.

Do you want to know what the children end up like when they become adults?  It is very simple, they become hollow souled individuals that cannot wait to have a child and draw upon the soul upon which it came from- the progenitor soul.  As children they never developed good souls of their own.  They were taught to mock the good soul!  The good soul is the human soul!  When these children become adults they have no good soul and the process repeats itself in a vicious circle.  Do you know what they call those whose souls are taxed by this widespread occult? Answer: Schizophrenic!

In a time of economic crisis in America Ralph Waldo Emerson came to the forefront and spoke about self-reliance.  What was Ralph getting at?  Ralph knew very well about the dependent mind.  The dependent mind is indeed part of this occult and its modus operandi as a bad soul is always to try and convince the good souls not to rely on themselves!  Why does the dependent mind do this?  Because there is great profit from wearing the soul of a good human being in place of your own!  Can we rely on those who wear false souls?  Ralph was telling you to rely on yourself rather than what a mind dependent on yours would tell you to think.  A mind dependent on yours knows what you think and enjoys nothing better than telling you what to think and do!  Why?  Because after all the games with human life that it played in its life it has created something of itself that cannot be what it wants to be: The good soul!  Ralph was saying everyone has that good soul within themselves and to trust it and rely on yourself.  The dependent minded would tell you to rely on them but the hidden truth is that they do not even rely on themselves, they rely on the good souls they never had.  The dependent minded would have everyone believe that a good soul would not be good unless it was tormented by the dependent minded.  What I will tell you as would Ralph Waldo Emerson is, “You are free to think!”  The dependent minded become very superstitious with regard to the strong minded of the good soul.  In effect they come to believe in thoughts of the good soul as if it had the power of God!  So if the strong minded good soul thinks, that rope swing hanging on the branch does not look safe to me.  The dependent minded would ignore it.  Because of the arrogance they were taught to believe in themselves they believe that they indeed have the smart minds.  What happens when the rope swing breaks and a child breaks his neck?  Well then the dependent minded would say it was a curse of God.  That is really how stupid they dependent minded are.  They have abdicated all responsibility of thought in belief that they possess all the knowledge the good soul does.  By definition they do not possess the knowledge the good soul does because if they did they would be a good soul themselves and sought to further develop their own thought and good soul.  But that is not how the dependent minded develop.  They draw from the Good soul for all it is worth rather than having faith in themselves and trusting themselves.  What happens when a dependent minded person first tries to trust themselves?  They end up doing something wrong and cursing the good soul in frustration and not learning for themselves. They believe they can never be as good as the starter soul so they do not try to develop independent thought!  And of course their parents do not have the wherewithal to promote independent thought so here we have another contributory element to the viscous circle of reverse maturation.  When they do indeed curse the good soul it is further fragmented by their torment.  And a fragmented soul is indeed the definition of schizophrenia.

So what do the dependent minded resort to when they have stolen a good soul and not developed their own?  They want to believe they are the good soul but cannot do so when they hear that good soul thinking.  Believe it or not the dependent minded learned everything in life from the good souls they tormented.  Fur ears listens to the good souls as they are tormented.  If a person has a new luxury fashion suit with his name embroidered on the front lapel pocket and you steal that suit, you cannot wear it with them aware of you doing so.  Why not?  Because they will see that you are wearing the suit with their name on it and know that you are a thief.  But what if you good convince that person to take something so that they no longer believed that is their suit or soul?

Ralph new that all the good souls were disempowered or destroyed and therefore everyone should try and kindle what little good soul or belief they had in themselves.  Another part of Ralphs belief was the equivalent of, “I will not obey an unlawful order.”  In other words it appears that Ralph was of the belief that he would not compromise his good soul in any way by doing things that were contrary to the good soul.  Ralph did not envy the dependent minded.

I think you are starting to get it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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