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Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Women Should not be allowed in the Military 01 13 2012

Why women should not be allowed in the military? 01 13 2012

It is very simple.  Young men enlist in order to serve their country- or at least that should be their motivation.  They do not enlist to continue the High School game of who covets the Bimbo!  Who is the Bimbo sleeping with lately?  That type of scene is what made their opportunities after High School limited in the first place.

That is not the only reason, women in the military are sexually victimized by the high school loser who was given gratuitous passing grades or better.

I see males wearing United States military uniforms pissing on a prisoner and think to myself, “There is no way that you can say that they are men!”

So if they are not men what are they?

There is a passage from the Bible that reads something like this, “Let the holy spirit slowly descend upon you!” Very few people know the correct interpretation of that verse from the Bible and what it means has been a source of witchcraft throughout history.  It means the disembodied holy spirit of someone trumps the idle minded soul.  Believe it or not there are not women in this world who covet the disembodied Holy Spirit more than anything.  They latch onto it and use it to guide themselves all through their lives.  And here is what those males wearing United States military uniforms and representing our country overseas are:  They are the weak minded sons of mothers who coveted the holy spirit of another human being man!  These mothers were never content to just have faith in themselves of themselves when given the gift of God.  They never had the confidence to believe in themselves and that their sons and daughters could be something.  What they did instead was to talk to that Holy Spirit, to chant to that Holy Spirit, to keep that Holy Spirit with them at all times!  Who are the victims of these women?  They are people in this country and the world who hear voices in their heads and are tormented by them.  Those voices you hear are from these mothers.  The sons of these mothers will feel worthless about themselves all their lives!  They will envy all good men and try and destroy what they cannot be.  They will always be motivated to do evil.  And here is the real horror, they marry women exactly like their mothers and never contribute anything to society or our country.  They learn instead to take all they want from the souls of those in this world who are labeled schizophrenic.

Let’s add this one up.  We have males in United States Military uniforms urinating on Afghanistan’s and we wonder why there are terrorist who hate America?  The other day I heard a new Republican presidential candidate say how he would go after our enemies, (I am referring to Sandovar (sp?)). We see today just the kind of motivation he provided that reinvigorated those in the military just like himself. 

So if these aren’t men in the military what are they, I have to ask myself?  I would also like to know what cities from the United States they were born in.  Here is how they should be punished at the very least, dishonorable discharge, court marshaled according to statutes and felony conviction so that they can never own a firearm again!  Life is too short for the rest of us to let them have one again!

And this happened under whose watch, that of an oil man’s son? (I mean Barrack!)

Thomas Paul Murphy

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