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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inventions Needed Law Enforcement 01 31 2012

Inventions Needed 01 31 2012

Law Enforcement

1.      A Video Badge that is a video camera and sound recorder.  Officer’s actions are to be monitored and recorded on a tamper free record.  Background:  More officers would break up drug houses if they had one of these.

2.      The Belly Gun:  This would be a stomach mounted flat gun.  So that if an officer is overpowered while in pursuit of a criminal and down on the ground being beaten he may pull the pin and the Belly Gun shoots the person on top of him.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Update:  As of the 07 27 2012 camera's like this is being used by the Port Washington Police force.  Video evidence with regard to the attitude of those encountered by the Police force will be proof positive.  I believe this will also help the officers lead happier lives as what they experience is not isolated to them.

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