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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reflections on Obama's State of the Union Address tonight 01 24 2012

We can no longer celebrate the Fourth of July! 01 24 2012

 Foreign Military bases.  We pack up and leave, but before we do we put in photovoltaic arrays as a power supply.  Let this be our statue Liberty.  The United States does not belong in foreign countries with bases.  Why not?  Because we do not have the integrity to be there.  I am talking about solders pissing on the dead.  All that money that went into supporting our military in Iraq and Afghanistan could have been spent inside our country to guarantee our Independence.

Nothing in Obamas speech has addressed the true cause of the manufacturing sector.  This country fought for independence!  We celebrate that every year on the fourth of July.  We are no longer independent today because we have relied on foreign manufacturing for our corporations.  Indeed corporate America has cost the United States of America its Freedom!  You cannot lower taxes and create manufacturing!  It won’t work.  The cost of cheap labor trumps that issue.  Corporations pay as little taxes as they can and they get too many tax breaks already.  How can you give tax breaks to corporations and still fund your military? 

Forget about paying down the debt for now, why? Because we have already lost our independence to China!

Contain an oil spill?  It should never happen.

The bullet proof vests that he is talking about might be two layers of conductive metal fabric that vaporize a bullet when it creates a current between the two of them.

For all he said Barrack is still better than the four Republicans we saw up there the other day.

No details on education plan.  We need to teach teachers how to teach.  Who would want to teach someone else’s brats?  We need to teach teachers how to teach such children.  How do we do this?  We listen to articulated complaints of teachers in the classroom.  What are the impediments that keep them from teaching and children for learning?

Unions and manufacturing?  No-one should ever have to pay to be in a Union!  Why not?  Because worker’s rights should be guaranteed by our constitution!  Worker’s rights should not be jeopardized by the power of limited liability of the Corporate Structure.

His speech was mostly telling us about how things should be but not providing the solutions to get us there.  It is one thing to address talk about alternative energy and another to have no oversight over Solyndra.

Wall Street?  Let’s see that insider trading bill he talked about by the end of January!  Barrack why don’t you talk about what committee member ought to do this.  Why don’t you have an aid draft a bill for this!  We already know that congressional aides fill bills with hidden interests.  Let’s have some bills that don’t have this aspect in them.

Who actually believes that your banker spent quality time with his father on a Saturday morning in the workshop?  If that were true that they did we would not be in the problems we are in today because there would be a lot more of pragmatic thought.  And indeed that is what is missing from American Politics, pragmatic thought.  Pragmatic thought is indeed contrary to intellect and verbal ability in this country.  And the reason is something that is the greatest scandal in the history of the world.

There is a lot more he needs to do to address Wall Street.  Stocks should never be allowed to be held in street name.  No financial firm should ever be allowed to hold an inventory in any stock!  And neither should our largest banks be able to hold electronically registered securities in lieu of sending out stock certificates.

Banks?  We had to bail them out!  Banks are indeed granted the right to lend out government money!  How can it not be said that our banks and their employees are seriously faulted?  If banks had indeed done their job we would not have the job problem in this country.  Why not?  Because banks would have funded businesses and industries that were growing and adding employees.  But what happened instead?  Foreign banks came in to the United States and now this country owes a tremendous amount of money!  Do you get it all our businesses manufacture overseas.  In countries that do not have even the slightest of American Standards that resulted from our constitution.  And another thing- the quality of everything that we buy is terrible.

There ought to be a chief of quality that says what can come across our borders and sold here.  It might be as simple as one American saying, that cheap thing should not be sold in this country.  We might even keep a database where we could register complaints with regard to quality.  Have enough strikes with regard to quality issues and you can no longer export to the United States.  Corporations selling into the United States should readily be able to be identified by the consumer.  Which Americans are making all the money from these cheap imports?  Would it be out of the question to require a corporate identification number on every product sold in the United States?

And another thing, our cars should be getting 100 mpg today!  But they are not any more efficient than they were 40 years ago!  You cannot say that the auto industry or our county is out of harm’s way.  You cannot say that the automobile industry has been saved.  That low MPG that we get does not match what it says on the car stickers and it will only lead to our need for more oil.  Who wants more drilling in the United States.  We need to go to solar on a massive scale.  There ought to be a way to make paint so that it is also a photovoltaic cell.  Some photovoltaic cells are indeed formed by ‘crystal formation’ and if that is how they are formed then we ought to be able to make a paint that dries and accomplishes the same thing.  A circuit could be inlaid as the substrate.  It could be as simple as a micro wire that has been part of the base where the paint is applied.

-Excellent point regarding politicians not being able to own or promote stocks.

I see him saying a lot of what we should do but no real details.  Without those details nothing productive happens.  You wait this long between speeches I would be willing to listen to all those good details.  Otherwise at the end of his four years all we have heard is how things should be.

We have caused enough trouble in the Middle East already.  We do not need to tell Iran what to do.

We ought to reach out our hand to any country that we are protecting such as Israel.  If we are going to risk our American Soldiers for Israelis we ought to offer statehood to Israel.  Put your money where your mouth is!

Military?  We should not need a military at all!  Our integrity as a nation should be what protects us from harm.  Our leadership in this country should be able to be a substitute for our military!  Good leadership and integrity is respected and not threatened.  Obama did not speak about this because he does not even recognize the issue.  Those terrorist did not attack us because we are white.  Those terrorist did not attack us because we live in freedom.  Those terrorists attacked us because we were taking an economic advantage of a foreign country and we were using our military to back it up.  All of our military dollars really went to support our oil companies!  It has been one of the biggest wastes of United States dollars ever and it has incurred a future issue with regard to integrity and our foreign policy.  What can we expect in the future?  Our foreign policy will be one to guard ourselves against terrorism.  It should not have got this way! 

Sure we should protect a foreign country from leaders who would genocide a population.  But do we do that on a fair scale across the globe?  No we don’t.  So what does that tell us?  That that is not the motivation we used to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.  Any good detective could look at cause and effect and determine how our foreign policy has been subverted.

His state of the Union address did indeed address a lot of the issues that I have been complaining about, but are they just addressed with superficial comments?  Is there any depth of plan that the public can understand with regard to what he said.  The public needs to know specifics.  How do you intend to accomplish what you stated?  The details with regard to how he will accomplish his promises should be a matter of public record somewhere.

I got a clue for you.  If China wants us to pay them the debt that we owe them all we have to do is say you made those arrangements with Corporate America and corporations have limited liability, so you took that risk.

If China ever duns us for payment of debt, all we have to do is say, “We didn’t pay you to make all those goods and pollute our world!”  China what were you thinking?  You thought that you could import into the United States and give the world a liability of pollution that we will have to deal with in the future.  China you owe the world the debt not us.  You dealt with limited liability corporations- don’t expect Americans to be liable to you.  And not only that China, you did not play fair with American corporations.  Many of your dealing helped to bankrupt American Corporations.  Many of your dealing led to you taking the best of our technology and not reimbursing us for it.  China we did have some belief in the firm handshake to seal a deal but apparently you did not have the same level of honor in your dealings with the United States.  China you are not backing out of this one because you did indeed fund your corporations and therefore led these actions.

Fairness?  He took that right off my website.  He ought to be talking to me because I can indeed figure out how to solve problems.  And I can do so peacefully.

The United States did indeed lose its independence to Corporate profit and foreign manufacturing.  It the United States wants its manufacturing sector back we might indeed have to fight for it like we did in the Revolutionary War!

Barrack Obamas speech tonight was somewhat of a wake up America speech.  There was no hemming and hawing about addressing issues and there was very little booing about the strong stances he took tonight.  Just a year ago if he had said the same thing you would hear the Republicans booing.  You did not hear booing tonight, only once when they were told that they could not Insider Trade.  What does that tell you that you did not hear booing?  It tells you that the Republicans are starting to learn!

I am just hearing a Republican lambast Barrack here is my answer to this man.

Corporate America killed American jobs not Obama or his policies.

How can a Republican talk about the irresponsibility of our debt when it has been Republican foreign policy that has our debt.  Do you actually believe that our Defense Department pays for itself, it is the largest contributor to our debt in two ways!  It creates the problems that cause wars and we have to pay for the problems it causes.  You know that this is true in many ways.

He is calling for a bill to create jobs and a bill to end insider jobs.  Get out your pens Americans and start writing them.  Write them and send them to him.  We already know that we cannot rely on our congressmen to do this and look out for our best interest.  Newt Gingrich even confirmed this less than a week ago! ( I am  Democrat.)

Barrack mentioned this by Abraham Lincoln, “The Government should only do for people what they cannot do for themselves and not anymore.”  Lincoln was indeed the President that we associate with Freedom more than anyone else.  Barrack I have listed plenty of issues that I need you to address regarding this and you know what needs to be done!  So stand up there and do it and if you can’t be prepared to step down in November.

Our founding fathers had demonstrated skills and abilities and they formed this country by arguing with defeating those who were in power.  Who is in power today?

If you want to bring back the manufacturing sector you could give tool credits to those who do not watch television for 6 months.  I could also see women’s clubs where they competed by sewing their own purses every month.  This is the kind of communities we need.  Not ones where the pseudo intelligent spend our money on wine and gossiping about those who are the source of their soul!  We need some type of prohibition so that Americans can wake up and take a look at their wasted lives!  So that Americans can become sober and see who they really are!  So that Americans can become Sober and quit living in lies that they mutually reinforce to one another.  So that Americans are giving a chance to develop themselves into good people.  So that Americans are given the chance to what they really want to be- independent and capable. Now that would separate the wheat from the chaff.

This country was founded by those who were fleeing Satan!  Where do you think the exact language and care of our constitution came from!  I find it very odd that our history books have no mention of how Satan has influenced our history.  We know of it from the Bible very well.  It is very well defined in the Bible but we have never heard of the influence since.  If you believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ; it is one reality that should not be ignored.  Once you recognize the reality of Satan in America you will not see that America as a whole would not be in favor of taxing the rich.  And what is Satan?  It is someone who lives off the soul of another person!  Those people are labeled Schizophrenic.  Schizophrenic really means that a person is a victim of Satan.  Satan is indeed someone who has a dependent mind.  It is right there in the Bible!  And it is a good Jew who told us this!  Do not get me wrong any person can become satan!  But we need to help people so that they do not become someone who relies on another’s soul.  For a person not to develop into Satan they must be able to take pride in accomplishments, they must have loving parents, they must be punished when they do evil unto others, they must not have so much money that they have idle minds (read inheritance tax for the super rich!).  And if you did become dependent minded you must stop victimizing others for their souls.  If you are Satan you must go Cold Turkey on your soul stealing activities.  Cold Turkey?  After you go Cold Turkey then you will truly celebrate another American holiday, Thanks Giving.

So there, I just gave you solutions so that you could get back both Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

The limited liability of Corporations also lead to numerous abuses of the American Worker.  A manager is responsible for the safety of his employees!  You may disagree with this all you want but it is a truth that you should hold self evident!

Gun’s I like target shooting and hunting.  I do not believe that an American citizen should have to feel that they need to own one for self defense!  We should just be a better place to live so that we don’t need them for this reason and that is the only way you are going to address the issue of guns.  That and turn off the television set.  We do have the right to own guns and we should have this right.

One more point Obama said that every child should be required to stay in school until they are 18 or graduate from high school.  The other day I watched on the news as a group of about ten teenagers nearly kicked a boy to death.  I don’t prescribe to know the circumstances, but what teacher should be required to teach such ‘children’?  And if you assume that the child who was beaten was a good person and not evil should he be subjected to be in class with these American filth?  We can look at it from the other way around to, let’s say that he was a bad kid who hurt others in bad ways and our society did not catch him or curb his behavior?  Then you have to ask yourself; isn’t that the best thing that they got together and taught him a lesson so that he never victimized any one of them when they were alone?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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