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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last night I ate at an Italian Restaurant 01 29 2012

Last night I ate at an Italian Restaurant 01 29 2012
As I looked at the menu one item said Pesto.  I know what exactly what it means and yet for some reason never know what it is.  “Pesto. What the hell is that,” I always ask myself when I read it on the menu.

I ordered a medium pizza and my dinner date ordered a bowl of spaghetti.

I ate the whole pizza because it was so good.  The crust was the best part.

Then the waitress came and asked me if I would like some dessert.  And I realized again for the umpteenth time, “The worst thing a person can do after eating such a large meal would be to eat dessert!  Why?  Because all that sugar from the dessert would be sitting right at the pancreas because it was the last thing in my mouth and as the large amount of food just eaten will not be moving through my digestive process quickly.  That is probably one of the causes to diabetes.  As would be anyone who overeats and then drinks alcohol.  Why?  Because again the alcohol liquid is pooled right there at the pancreas because it was the last thing in your mouth, while the large amount of food slowly makes its way through you.”

I told my date just that and said, “There is one thing they will never teach you in medical school!”

Then there was a young Italian man sitting at a table nearby.  He had a xylophone voice.  As I heard him speak I thought, “That is what cannoli's are for.  To shove in a kids mouth like that to shut him up so no-one has to listen to him in public.  Cannoli, that sounds kind of like Can- Only.  They should change the name of Cannoli to Shouldonli, as in SHOULD ONLY LISTEN!”

PS when I got home that night I took some Aspirin Powder in a glass of water and some fiber mix in there too so that the blood going to my stomach did not cause a heart attack or divert blood away from my brain while I slept.  You can indeed wake up with a hangover from just overeating and indeed overeating can kill you in your sleep for just that reason.  And if you wake up with a sleepy head after overeating and not drinking alcohol what does that tell you?  It tells you that you have just had a case of oxygen deprived brain damage!  Add alcohol to this mix and it is much worse.  You should seek to like who you are and not damage your brain!

 Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Note to self, research origin of dessert.

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