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Monday, January 2, 2012

Inventions Needed 01 02 2011

Invention needed 01 02 2011

A gloss paint whereby the gloss rises to the surface when drying and creates a smudge proof layer.  The pigment side allocates itself to the surface.  This would be very useful in that less painting would be needed to achieve desired results. I.e. One coat of paint does the work of two.

This paint would be very useful in high traffic and germ environments as the pigment is not impregnated with dirt and the dirt is easily wiped off the gloss surface.

It would have easy wipe off and one coat properties.

A similar product could be made available for lacquer gloss wood coating.  The lacquer could have and even penetrating type of stain in its solution and the gloss forms on the surface.

Lacquer is a far superior coating than polyurethane in that it dries faster and smells for less time.  It is more aromatic but it does not linger for anywhere the time that polyurethane does.  Polyurethane vapors can be smelled many months after application but lacquer smells only for a few days.  Most woodworkers like to stain first but this product would cut the time down considerably.  Lacquer also provides a harder and more durable wood finish.

Get busy lackeys!

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