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Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, January 29, 2012


“Someone Semite is trying to Dim Mak my nuts,” I thought as the ethnic Doctor held them and asked me to cough.  Dim Mak is a bonafide martial arts term that means to kill someone by just touching them.

Isn’t it bad enough they used to bite the testicles off the crucified?  Why are they obsessed with men’s genitals anyway?

The answer is very simple; a human man is very different than them.  It is something they cannot be, I wonder?

Then I realized an epiphany that I have titled,


Just wave off any question a patient has as if it is baseless.  All you need to do to say something in response to a patient is, “No that is not related to that.”  Or laugh smugly and say, “No that doesn’t cause that.”  And after that ask the young man to drop his pants and show you his nuts for inspection.


What is really going on here?  You go to the doctor who is dependent minded and he can’t wait to see you!  Why?  Because he knows that he can use what you have inside you to heal the sick and dying.   


The true meaning of the origin of the medical symbol is one of a tribesman turning a sickening type of parasitic worm out from under the skin of another person on a stick.  Hence what you see is the worm on the stick.  Modern doctors do not want you to know the dangers of parasites, fungus or viruses.  And the medical profession has been corrupted by the dependent minded ever since they said that the meaning of the that medical symbol is something other or different than one good man removing a parasite from another by turning it out on a stick.

The dependent minded do not heal by modern means, instead 1. They seek to create an annuity stream by giving you long term drugs.  And 2. They thrive on what is disseminated from you- the patient.

I learned a long time ago if you want to achieve optimum health, strength and fitness don’t disseminate anything!  (When I am using the word disseminate I actually mean ejaculate but the revelation is that they mean exactly the same thing!)  So why should you not disseminate?  Because it cuts the dependent minded off from you when you don’t!  It turns the tap or secret FOUNTAIN OF LIFE off for them. There FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, is what they drained from you, and it is DONE!  (But you still need it for yourself so don’t do anything stupid as an alternative means to turn it off permanently.)

The Doctors always say they are listening to your testicles.  That is not true.  They are either trying to Dim Mak them or trying to provoke dissemination!  It is no coincidence that after you leave the Doctors office you will see a very horny woman walk on past you!  Do not tap your FOUNTAIN OF LIFE and pour it!!!!

I like the old meaning of the word gay, which means to be happy and silly.  So therefore I believe that a man can be happy and silly without being a homosexual.  In effect the best fathers are happy and silly with their children.  I also believe that you can be anti-Semitic without being anti-Jew.  What am I getting at?  I am defining Semitism to mean those who believe in being dependent on the semen of others!  I am defining Semitism as being those who therefore believe in living off what I have defined dissemination to mean! 

The gist of my belief can be summoned up by this statement regarding dissemination, “That’s right there what’s in my nut’s pouch is mine not yours!”  Einstein said it in oblique terms and did not articulate what he meant by it, “God does not roll dice!”  I just did articulate what he meant by it!!!!

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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