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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pleasure Princess 01 29 2012

Pleasure Princess 01 29 2012

There is no greater threat to the world than a woman who can’t have children.  Why?  Because she projects her sterility unto the world.

The other day I was watching a talk show program when a woman doctor was telling about the one hundred or so variations of the human papilloma or wart virus.  She told of how some cause vagina wars and they have to be treated!    So much for the old medical doctrine they always professed when I was in grade school that, “The vagina is self-cleaning.”  Some of the other papilloma or wart viruses are also known to cause ovarian cancer.  I am not sure what she said about how many women have these viruses the percentage of the population but I believe it to be greater than 10 percent.

I had to then seriously ask myself whey they never wanted to tell “her”.  And immediately I realized the answer.  I realized what the men who kept this “De-emphasized” already knew and it is this, “To tell her” anything you face a wrath like has never been known before.

The wrath you experience when you cross her; a sterile woman is the equivalent of the HOLY GRAIL!  If it is not indeed the HOLY GRAIL itself.  And it does make sense that it is the cause of the HOLY GRAIL.  Why?  Because if a woman can no longer have children her power of creation would well up inside of her until it expanded outward.  And she would have to project her defeated power of creation unto someone and that is indeed the HOLY GRAIL.

100 of those viruses, I believe the woman doctor said that we don’t know what they all do!  Well we do not what viruses do!  They can link to our DNA and cause genetic change, even babies born with Aides!  Born with Aides can then be termed a genetic defect, right?

Why couldn’t “they” tell her the truth? 1. Was it because she was so unhappy that they knew she would no longer want to live if she knew?  2.  Was it because she was so unhappy that sex was her only source of joy in life?  3.  Was it because it they were the cause of it by having sex with her, advocating having sex with her, and abdicating that there is nothing wrong with having sex with multiple sexual partners so they could then get a chance to have sex with her?  4.  Or couldn’t they tell her because they knew there was no wrath greater than her.  5.  It is a given item of knowledge to me that they did not tell her because there was an element of self-pity that they projected unto her. 

Number 4 on the list above resonates from Biblical times!!!  It sounds like it has…archetypal comparison to the seven headed hydra in the Bible who steals others children.  And when we get to the reason why the Catholic Church is Pro-Life, it is because those priests know that there is no fury greater than these women, who cannot have children.  Why is there no greater fury?  Because these women did not have a strong father figure or mother figure and hence they did whatever they wanted to in life and that included being promiscuous at a young age.  And what does such sex with multiple partners more likely cause one to get?  The human papilloma or wart type virus of which there are more than a hundred strains.

I have to ask myself two more questions;

1.      Does a version of this filth based virus cause her to have inflammatory/hormonal based behavior or mental problems? 

2.      Does it create offspring who are dependent minded or lack their own soul? 

I think both of these are true!  I often ask myself why the ancient Jews took promiscuous women out to the edge of town and stoned them to death!!!!  If one looks at the whole of the Bible as revolving around this one passage from the Bible it makes cohesive sense.  Jesus a Jew said to the Pharisees who brought him a prostitute and asked him what to do with her…they were going to stone her…he said that they shouldn’t stone her and that she should go forth and sin no more.  I know have to ask myself, “Would Jesus Christ have made his way to the cross if instead he had picked up a rock and walked with them?”

Then I have to ask myself just one more question, “Did the ancient Jews know that such women gave birth to the dependent minded (old term for them was Satan) and by stoning the whores were they trying to prevent this from happening?”

We have to side with Jesus Christ at first on this issue though, right?  Because until you can prove something or know the true reason you shouldn’t take such action, it would have been brash, irresponsible, violate due process, etc. to stone a woman for being a whore!

I have no doubt in my mind though that the ancient Jews had some sense of knowledge about the dangers such women posed.  A woman who bore the virus could indeed rise to great power and money if she slept her way to the top.  And what would result would indeed be children born of the virus.

My mother and father are beautiful people.  Is it no wonder I face the wretched voice of the UNHOLY GRAIL! 

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Thomas Paul Murphy

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