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Monday, January 9, 2012

What the H311 Happened to the United States of America 01 09 2011

What the H311 Happened to the United States of America?

Everywhere I drive and look I see a drugstore on the corner.  And it doesn't matter wear I go.  In the city there seems to be a big drugstore on every corner.  And what don't I see?  I don't see a little grocery store offering organic fruits and vegetables.

How much better would this country be if all those corner drugstores were siezed by the United States Government and converted into organic grocery stores where local farmers could bring in their produce and make connections with the inner city people.  The inner city people could in turn spend a day or so helping harvest on the farm.  There would have to be a law whereby anyone found guilty of implementing indentured servitude was immediatly guilty and could be shot on site by anyone else without a lengthy due process.  And this would include acts consistent with indentured servitude!

People discover beautiful things about themselves they had not realized before when they plant and grow things.  The experience of working in a farmers field is one that stays with you and makes your limitations known to you.  You realize just what you are as a living person and how dependent and vulnerable your life is.  When you come to the sense that you depend on what grows in the field you realize what you have taken for granted and how dependent you are on the teamwork of others to survive.  It reinstills a true sense of democracy in you!  And the most arrogant of the non-working class are brought to humility!

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