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Friday, May 27, 2016

A word about a slow or intermittent upon driving leaking tire 05 27 2016

A word about a slow or intermittent upon driving leaking tire  05 27 2016

I want to say that your local Ford dealer is completely irresponsible in finding and repairing this just as they are with regard to the door switch that doesn't phase off correctly and leaves the dome light on for a while draining the battery of unneeded energy.

But the other day I finally decided to look into the problem of the slow or intermittent leaking tire after having the dealer look at it.

I was at the store and I picked up a pack of 4 valve insert screws.  I made a tool because I couldn't find the valve insert screw that I had, actually I have lost more than two of those.

But I jacked the car up where that tire was so that when I let the air out and unscrewed that valve insert the "Bead" seal on that tire did not break.

What did I find out when I looked at that valve insert?  First of all it was made out of brass.  The same material that my bicycle tire was made of, and the bike tire had that copper type corrosion to it.

But what I noticed was that the rubber flange was compressed and tapered to the same diameter as the conical flange above and below it, on it.  Which means that perhaps when it stood still it held air but when it was driven some of that air escaped because of that?  Air rattling lose in a very insidious manner?  I compared it to the new valve insert I replaced it with and noticed that the rubber or "poly" type material of the flange did indeed extend past the diameters of the cone just before and after it.  So indeed that is how it is supposed to look and indicates why the new one works better and does not leak.

So the question I wanted to ask is, did the nitrogen filling of air of those tires cause a reaction with that flange material to cause it to shrink?  I don't know the chemistry of that interaction. For all I know nitrogen filling causes rubber to last longer?

But one more point about tires.  The smaller profile tires seem to leak more because the material of them is more rigid?  When I am talking about smaller profile tires it has to do with the ratio of tire radius to rim radius.  Meaning big rim radius to smaller tire radius regardless of rim radius.  Make sense?

But the dealer should have known that!  They are paid to know that!  How come they didn't?

Again we have this problem because of FDR legalizing alcohol the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere no matter to what degree of it a person has.

If you want to do the above repair you have to do it like that; jack it up and don't break the "Bead" seal.  And you also need an air compressor of sufficient CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) to fill that deflated tire back up.

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So why didn't I make that repair a while back myself?  Perhaps it has to do with what my Jewish Auditing Professor said to us in a cutesy mean manner, "And I have an invisible eraser to make that go away."

I had taken one half of a choline pill that day which helped my memory overcome the demonic influence and distraction of memory of the voices.  Are you learning why skills in history are sometimes discovered as lost arts?  We learn that a people had a better way of doing something a long time ago however for some inexplicable reason it became a lost art (skill).

That voice of God in the Bible is cutesy mean like that too isn't it!  ~~~"I control who is allowed to have the talents!" and  "You are a stiff necked people," the demonic voice mocks the Original and pure Jews as they work.

"You don't know what love is." Someone once said to me?  There is no greater bond than between the mentally retarded.


How many premature tire failures and national deaths have occurred because of the above in the United States?  How many drive train components have been subjected to premature failure due to increased heat friction being dissipated in them causing increased metal fatigue?  Again leading to catastrophic component failure and accident deaths?  We will never know.

Just like when the little boy with the speech defect and the xylophone sounding voice kidnapped our cat and shot it in the butt with the bb gun?  The Vet told us, "Only she knows what happened to her."


I would give you a photographic comparison between the old valve and the new one however "The Spaghetti Monster" would never allow it!

It hates nothing more than when a human being "bears true witness for themselves."

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