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Monday, May 2, 2016

In Order to keep a Religion and its people compatible with U.S. Supreme Law there is...

In Order to keep a Religion and its people compatible with U.S. Supreme Law there is...   05 02 2016

In Order to keep a Religion and its people compatible with U.S. Supreme Law there is nothing in the United States Constitution that say's the United States Government can't help you clarify what your religious belief is!

For example:

1.  Does your religion believe in creating 1 in 20 Americans that have mental retardation from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?  If se we have a problem with you violating the rights of the unborn and born!

2.  Does your religion advocate drug pushing to those who were born normal in order to screw them up?  We have a problem with you!

3.  Does your religion advocate the sexual molestation of children?  If so how do you classify that as a religious belief and not a criminal pact?  Does your religion and the management of it amount to organized crime?  If so you aren't allowed to erode our Democracy and put the entire world at risk!  Do you get it?

4.  Is your religion a spoil sport religion that out of envy advocates the drugging of a "prophet class" of citizen?

5.  Has your religion really been a front for a satanic religion and hidden activity that amounts to a spy network in the United States and an insurrection?

6.  Has your religion participated in the Obstruction of the true application of United States Supreme Law?

7.  Does your religion about to the practice of activities that our Country was founded against as listed in the Declaration of Independence?  Who do you think you are fooling with misapplication?  Do you actually believe that in peoples hearts they agree with you?  Do you seek to confuse issues and discredit the public when you are accused of wrongdoing?  Do you stand like a man or a member of a "Common mind"

8.  Is your religion really a competing form of Government; hence you are guilty of Treason?

9.  Can you defend yourself when you are accused of representing Christ but really found to be representing the Devil?

10.  Is your religion really a monopolistic business?  Jesus did indeed drive the money changers who set up wine kiosks out of his temple by beating them with a staff. (It does indeed say violently in that  bible passage doesn't it!  How else does one single man drive out many?)

11.  Is your religion really a personal belief system or not a personal belief system and therefore not a religion at all?

12.  Why did you find it necessary to incorporate your religion if indeed it is a religion and not a business?

13.  Is it right of you to expand your religion in a great many ways and use the weak interpretation Constitutional defense that it would violate your rights if you didn't?

14.  Why does your religion need to hire a lawyer if indeed you have personal integrity as men are supposed to?  Why is it necessary that an honest defense based on integrity doesn't work for you?

15.  Did you really believe your right to practice religion allowed you to obstruct United States Supreme Law?  Perhaps this answers that question best, "What kind of society are you trying to develop based on your religion?  What type of empire would be your goal?"  Do you have the collegiate level intellect to answer that question in an elaborative manner?  If you can't see how your policies might lead the world astray should it be necessary for someone else to have to explain that to you?  What special rights do you want for yourself that you would not want other people to have?  It is okay for you but not others?

16.   Do you understand when a religious belief of yours is putting a burden on other human beings but not yourself?  That is really a unification of church and state and illegal per United States law!  Do you believe that your spoiled will should always win?

17.  How are you looking out for other people with your religion?  Does your religion care about all members of a community or do you view a community as a competitive sports team whereby those with money are the ones you want on your side, your team and in your church?  What does that make you?

18.  Are you afraid to say something that offends a wealthy parishioner in your church?  After all the United States did allow you to practice your religion but you have to change your belief system when it conflicts with a wealthy member?  Because you have a static belief system that means you do not have a belief system!  You can't write down, "I am a weak willed wishy washy man and I change my religious beliefs when confronted by someone that is offended by them in my parish. So that is what our religion is."  It doesn't work that way, it is something that is finite and not changing.  We are not giving you the authority to be fickle!  The right was granted to you with the full confidence that you would act with legitimacy!  Do you get it?  You are expected to be legitimate!

19.  Do you really believe your own religion that you are preaching?  If not what is your honest belief?  And the Pope has indeed made quite a few revelations concerning this.  Has he indeed sent out manuals to all priests in order to hold them accountable to the new standards?  But wait isn't he supposed to get a consensus opinion from those promoted highly in his religion before he does that?  When he doesn't believe in the validity of his own curia...

There is nothing in the Constitution that states the United States can not put a religious figure, such as Pope Francis, before a United States Government Tribunal in order to ask him the above questions and see if he is responding like a man or a member of organized crime.  And if he ducks out as Pope before that happens we put the new one before that tribunal.  And we do not tolerate the runaround from someone like that!  We could indeed find someone like that in contempt of United States Court!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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