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Friday, May 27, 2016

Evidence Jesus Christ was Demonically Possessed 05 27 2016

Evidence Jesus Christ was Demonically Possessed 05 27 2016

Other than the fact that the Bible explicitly tells us that he was tempted by demons we can see it in his grammar and speech.

When he chastises by saying, "You bear false witness against yourself,"  Doesn't he really mean to say, "You bear witness against yourself?"

But he is adding the "false" to make it the intensive case!  Because he adds the "false" it means that it travels through history better as to its meaning because you have to stop and analyze it.

The reason he doesn't say "You bear witness against yourself" is because that which is demonically possessing him doesn't want him to say anything derogatory about them hence they truncate it as they intrude into the thoughts of his speech in demonic possession.  In effect they attempt to make him bear false witness against himself.  But more to the point he really wants to say "You bear witness against yourself,"  but it is transformed to something that could be construed as meaning, "You don't say anything bad about yourself."

If you hear voices do you notice that the "Devil" (plural indeed) is playing these games with you?  Don't feel bad if it happens because sane minded people understand you and what you are trying to say when you say it.  In the above "false witness" is meant to be thought of as a single word or have the connotation of a single word in meaning.

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Someone once had a neighbor.  They were very wealthy.  The husband was a banker.  He was indeed a drinker.  The wife had a brother who had mental retardation.  She did not want to have children because of that.  And per my knowledge she never did.  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.

So how has the melting pot adapted to having mentally retarded children?  By splitting the minds of white Americans so that those who are mentally retarded get a piece of it.  But do you know who makes out like a bandit when that happens?  Races like the India Indian (Jewish?) race that populate the spelling bee contests.  What has every President since and including FDR who legalized alcohol been to the United States?  A disgrace to the white race!  A complete disgrace to the white race.

And never in world history have we gotten more queer than under Barrack Obama.  Members of the white race who bear false witness against us lap that up like a pig likes to wrestle in the mud.  And down we go.


So we are propagandized with the belief of racial equality?  It isn't true!  It was the white race that established the concepts of freedom!  Once it is gone as the white race declines to zero it likely isn't going to come back!

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