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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our National Value belongs to those who have the demonstratable skills not a corrupt banking lord empire 05 05 2016

Our National Value belongs to those who have the demonstrable skills not a corrupt banking lord empire  05 05 2016

By definition if you mind has been ritualistically and actively split (labeled schizophrenic) that "National Value" belongs to you and your family.

We should also be given 20 Bazookas each at a cost of $5 a piece for when that faction of our country plays possum and declares Vladimir is God and the Russian tanks pull in!

Did they have Bazookas in the middle east?  You would think that that war would be over a lot quicker if there were bazooka teams taking out transportation vehicles.

Donald Trump will likely choose Four Star General Mattis as his running mate.  Why?  They are part of that military school type of clique.  Not only that Trump has expressed the starting notion of tyrannical beliefs.  Mattis is quoted as saying "Some people are fun to shoot!"  He has never been married.  I wouldn't be surprised if he shared a pederasty bunk with bad child Trump sent away to boarding school!  Mattis has never been married and has no children. 

What is in it for Mattis?  Trump has access to many women through his contacts?

The wealthy like to trade wives with fetal alcohol syndrome like they are horses!

The writing is on the wall on this one already!

Also Mattis could indeed be used to turn that communist military industrial complex on the American people!

Look at how the media is already making it seem like the two of them are opponents or unrelated!  Don't buy it!  They will be drawn to each other like suckling homo bosom buddies!


One note on the Kent State shootings about three and a half decades ago.  An FBI agent fired the first shot.  Those who were killed with head shots were done at a distance of greater than 100 yards!  How many shots were fired?  A standing National Guardsman would have to be very good to make a shot to the head while he is standing and that person is moving!  Which brings me to the next question.  In what building and on what floor were the FBI tasked snipers with silencers on their rifles?  Doesn't that bring a whole new perspective to the Kennedy assassination?  They don't even ask themselves where the rifles with the silencers on them were!  "We only heard this many shots!"  It is the perfect presupposition alibi!

So what were the surnames of those who were killed? Miller and Schroeder were two of them.

They were protesting the War in Viet Nam.  A draft that Nixon wanted to call up an additional 150,000 people.  To stop communism?  I can tell you that communism was here in full force since 1932!  Who are the communists?  They are the 5% of our population that has mental retardation from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with no visible signs!  And just as in Wilson's syndrome they have great verbal ability but low intelligence.  Do you know where they get that great verbal ability?  By listening to demons (other retards) tempt the minds of men (schizophrenics.)

What is our unconstitutional military chock full of today? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Jug Heads that have no desire to work.  In fact they only feel like men when they are tempting and demonizing the minds of men and fraudulently creating mental illness!

So indeed this has been playing out for quite some time from President to President setting bad precedents that keep taking our country in that satanic direction!

It is about time that we reestablish the Independence that we fought for and our Constitution is based on.  And we can indeed do it in a series of nonviolent steps.
There is indeed an agenda there!


One interesting historical note.  Oliver Cromwell allowed Jews back into England in 1656.

It was in 1649 that he went into Ireland, ransacked the place, took their potatoes and gave them back ones that had a fungus that is stated to have come from New York.  He is the reason the Irish were displaced from their homeland to the United States.  But they wanted us here anyway!  That Satanic Catholic Christian Church did!  How do we know?  Because they kidnapped Irish babies and adopted them into wealthy New York families.  Why?  That Irish intellect is better and that Irish brain is better.  Why?  It is stated that the Irish can feel the descending Holy Spirit on the crowns of their heads.  They did indeed physically enslave us in the United States!

If you are an Irish drinker though you don't see or understand any of this!  Your memory is gone the next day as that spirit of demonic possession mental retard begs you to do or think of something else!

That voyeur wealth class likes to see through the eyes of a capable human being!  Donald Trump is no different than a greasy poor Mexican filth in that regard!  And there indeed is the equivocation between the wealth class and the lower class!  They both have satanic based cognition!

If our medical profession wasn't chocked full of satanic people they should indeed be demanding brain mapping scans of every candidate who wants to become President; or for that manner anyone who is hiring and managing "We the people" in the United States!  What they are going to find with Donald Trump is that he was a bad boy and sent away to boarding school for a very good reason?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 05 05 2016 at:

One more point about the Viet Nam War! It was a scheme from the very beginning to torture the minds from red blooded American boys so that their skill sets could establish a Communist based manufacturing empire!  They torture in order to split that human mind!  The way that they live with themselves while doing it is by considering themselves to be Lord like.  What allows them to feel lord like even when they are born with mental retardation is two things.  1.  Wealth.  2. Participating in the tempting and demonizing of a human beings mind and developing strong verbal ability from that process!  And that is indeed the Beast!


Michael Douglas isn't even Irish!  His surname is really Polish/Slavic/Russian.  "Danielovitch" ~ Jewish

Give an Irishman a high paying career in the entertainment industry?  No!  They just made the public believe they did! 

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