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Friday, May 13, 2016

Where is the line between a Police Report and a Medical Records report related to a drug event 05 13 2016

Where is the line between a Police Report and a Medical Records report related to a drug event 05 13 2016

I. What am I getting at?  I am not sure but to view a Police Report you make an open records request and pay a copy machine fee to receive the report?  And that Police Report might contain something related to drugs?

II. But what about a medical records request from another person?  How many ambulance requests are drug related?  And those are therefore medical records and something that someone else can never get access to?

But do you see how "I" has transition to include a lot of the same elements as "II" above?  Which really means that the privacy of "II" above supports the drug industry both criminal and stated "legit"?

And add in that alcohol has caused a brain birth defect in at least 5% of the population.  Now ask yourself how likely that 5% is going to be a party to both I and II above?


So I was at the grocery store today and the woman in front of me was buying $250.oo worth of alcohol.  She had two boxes/crates of full wine bottles and perhaps two cases of beer.  Do you know what I thought about that?  Why don't you just have your own beer/winery truck pull right up to your front door?  And you know what?  It sounds like I made that concept up doesn't it; like I imagined something extreme.  But the reality is that liquor stores sometimes do deliver don't they?  Sure!  Just as there are grocery delivery services there are also bottles and cans of boo's included in that.

Here is a little fact you never heard in your life.  A grocery store makes 90% of its profits from alcohol sales!  That is what an Italian man who had friends he convened with in New York from time to time told me!

Don't you ever go into a church and believe that God is going to forgive you!  Don't you ever believe that!

Bottom line.  All of those records should be public knowledge!  We might actually learn something that helps humanity!  We might actually have human empathy for those who are suffering from illness.  No, we don't want to do it because it hurts the profit stream or money being made from that suffering doesn't it!  Again what is relevant and what isn't!

Who should be allowed to access medical data and run statistical analysis on it?  Whoever it is that is allowed to do so  today really screwed us over!  I don't dare say it this way J3(I).

We don't want "We the People" starting to ask questions do we!  Making that public knowledge would increase public inquiry!  One would think that public inquiry and legitimate gov response is an integral part of the democratic process?  It she be woven into our laws based on the Constitution?  But instead it has been subverted!  Subverted by religious fraud that benefits the retard protectorate?

So isn't that above information something that should be known in order to keep neighborhoods safe?  So who should be allowed to know it?  Only that neighborhoods leadership?  That makes it a dictatorship doesn't it; even thought it is a veiled dictatorship it is still a dictatorship.  "We the people" should be allowed to know it!  So that our leadership is indeed consistent with "us" and not a dictatorship agenda!

When only the leadership is allowed to know that makes it a dictatorship.

These concepts are all things that I know through a process called synthesis.  Should I be forced to articulate all of them or should all of "we the people" be born with the natural human ability of synthesis?  Articulating in this case meaning breaking the concept down to premise to valid premise?  Do you see why a human being gets very disturbed living in a world of the mentally retarded who can never rise to that same normal wavelength!  And how those who are not normal but told that they are resent the ability and hence seek to thwart it!  You would expect that people you talk to have the ability to comprehend and the ability separate out what is really relevant from what isn't!

Should we allow a human being to have privacy if it means that human being is prevented from mentally developing normally and finding their true place in the world?   Keep it a secret so that person can become more successful than those of us who have no secrets?  Keep it a secret so that the mentally defective can prey on the normal human being and make an open book out of their life?  Satan really has no idea what a burden it is to mankind does it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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As I look at photographs of Donald Trump when he was younger do you know what I see?  He looks like an arrogant and fatuous money privileged brat that I can't stand!  But back in that day I didn't think that of him.  Perhaps his voice is just a little more honest and non self betraying as his looks?  Today looking at those younger photo's of him he looks shifty to me!  Like he is up to something and getting away with it and there is nothing you can do about it!  Like he is projecting an image of success about himself and attempting to create it?  What do I see?  "I don't have a care in the world and there is nothing you can do to change that."  Well given his recent rise in political standings he is indeed right!

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