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Friday, May 13, 2016

Look who became our current U.S. President: someone groomed by organized crime 05 13 2016

Look who became our current U.S. President: someone groomed by organized crime 05 13 2016

He admitted to using drugs in High School.  That means that he got them from a drug dealer that he, by definition, had a relationship with.  A drug dealer is a member of organized crime.  Hence Barrack Obama was groomed by organized crime!

I was indeed reading a story today about how marijuana use during teen years in High School caused mental retardation.

A person like that makes the perfect type of person to demonically possess to your criminal will.  How or why?  First off you knew that they were unhappy and chose drugs as a substitute for happiness rather than the personal rewards from achievement.  Second the drugs cause mental retardation.  Right there you have that person in the palm of your hand don't you!  And likely in the first place you created the conditions precedent to make the person unhappy!  But here is how the devil weasel's out of it!  After they screw with a retard then they themselves use the alibi or claim that they did it because they themselves were really someone else in life!  Then they make the claim that by demonically possessing their victim it really wasn't them that was doing it but that someone that they believed themselves to be!  Hence they just got another recruit to their "Retard Protectorate!"  AKA Organized Crime!  So indeed the victim gets mad at someone who has the mind of a prophet or genius rather than the drug dealer that gave them mental retardation!  The perfect crimes of the devil are indeed crimes against the human soul!  It makes one almost want to vomit!

But what kind of ersatz intelligence is that?  It is reactionary intelligence.  Veiled instinct substituting for human reason and human conscience.  React to the thoughts of a Prophet like you react to where the basketball is in a game of basketball!  Do you see why that type of leadership fails humanity?  It dooms us!

The Bible makes the claim, "Salvation only comes from the Jews."  Were waiting!

About being groomed by organized crime, we can make the same type of claim with any other candidate for President today but in different ways.

Should you have faith in any of them?  NEVER!  Don't believe anything that they tell you about people who hear voices either!

And what would a Catholic Priest tell ( or react to) you if he knew you were thinking like this?  He would beg for mercy and also admonish you at that same time with a phrase like "We are all human."  Are cannibals really human?  Do we allow ourselves to say that they are meeting the standard of humanity?  I say no.  But then what happens?  That Priest coven kicks in and attempts to demonically possess us to make us just as bad as everyone else around.  And that feeds the collection basket.  And the gestalt of it is one of the greatest horrors known to members of the human race.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What are wealthy corporate managers?  They are part of the wealthy fetal alcohol syndrome "retard protectorate!"  Why? Who else among us needs to rely on limited liability in order to make money?  Only a member of the "Retard Protectorate!"


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