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Monday, May 9, 2016

Hydrocodone 05 09 2016


That is what the prescription the Doctor who pulled a family members tooth wrote out.

It might have had 325 on it or something.

But the assistant Pharmacist then told us the Prescription was for Hydrocodone/acetaminophen.

“Don't you make it without the acetaminophen in it?” I asked because the person whom it was for had a cyst on their liver.

“You can get it that way but we don't have it here?” is what the assistant answered.

They always put the Pharmacist on next for the more harder questions to be answered.

“How come they don't make it just pure Hydrocodone?”

“The acetaminophen is added as a rate limiting factor to prevent abuse.”

So the person who got the prescription had taken pain pills for knee and hip problems for a very long time. I just have to ask someone, “How likely is it that the acetaminophen caused the cyst on the liver in the first place?”

Then the question becomes, so they put the acetaminophen in the pain med so that it isn't abused? What does that mean? That the normal have to suffer what ever side effects from the added ingredient so that the addict isn't allowed to abuse it? And it doesn't hold true does it, because opiate heroin use is on the rise.

I don't take any pills. And when I have pain I suffer through it until the underlying cause gets better through nutrition and health measures.

If I was prescribed a pain pill and it included that adjunct that is known to harm the liver I would not take it. In fact I have told a great many nurses no, no, no! On the issue!

If that opiate is so addictive that it warrants a rate limiting factor to it perhaps it shouldn't be on the market?

I have had teeth pulled too and been anesthetized for surgery and there is only one way I can describe what it feels like to me, “A taste of death!” Which brings me to a horrific conclusion, what the drug user really wants is a taste of death!

What evil faction of our world is controlling things like this? Just follow the money trail to find out. Might lead to foreign countries involved in WWII; either sworn enemies or allies? Or family surnames from that lineage?

What happens when your liver is compromised? You gain weight because digestive chemicals are not working effectively or being produced? Likely develop cancer? Have little tolerance for alcohol and hence it has a much greater negative impact on your cells and internal organs?

Someone once told me that your body produces chemicals that make you high as you are dying. I have to ask the question, who or what is it among us that wants a taste of death like that? What are they trying to escape from in reality? Whatever it is they need to just accept it. Thank God that they are alive. And not seek any work or career that is greater than their natural ability. In other words we never want them making health and medicine decisions for the rest of us like they are today.

What did I read in the paper? That health care costs in Milwaukee are 80% higher than the rest of the nation! Good ole brew city! Hoorah! Hoorah! Drunks kids don't make good Doctors do they!

But is this how the Dr. Blood Money scheme works? You take the acetaminophen for a headache, it screws with your liver, you gain weight, then because of the weight your knee and hip joints go faster, then you go for the hydrocodone, then you need knee or hip surgery which is very expensive…..

You really don't get better that way do you!

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But one more point. I am single but I also read that it costs on average of $12,000 or so to have a baby delivered?

That should be free to the public! That is all there is to it! Where are you going to get the money to pay things like that back? Credit Card loans with 20% interest? Second mortgage on your house?

Do you know who gets hit with this Doctor Blood Money scheme more than anyone else? The white middle class! Not the interest rate rigging banker or the health care professional.


She said, "I can't be a teacher anymore because the person whose mind I have is using it for themselves again."

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