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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Inventions Needed: How come not a single pair of hearing protector muffs that I see are not made out of metal?05 12 2016

How come not a single pair of hearing protector muffs that I see are not made out of metal?05 12 2016

How much does it cost to make an aluminum can or tin soup can?

Wouldn't the American worker be better off with something that lasts and therefore is more reliable?

And the same thing goes for headphones!  How can you consciously make something that will likely be placed in a precarious manner or subject to it out of plastic?  Put them on to go to sleep at night and the head strap cracks.  Place them in your backpack to use at the coffee shop and they break in multiple places.

So indeed they are making money by selling inferior products and services to the American over and over and over again!

That wealth monarchy doesn't care about people!

And why was America the only colony in world history ever to break away and establish freedom?  Because we believed in the reality of demonic possession; today the victims of it are known as schizophrenics!

So is the reason hearing protectors are not made out of metal is because it provides a Faraday cage to part of the head?  Most likely!  I can tell you that will metal based ones on the voices are less intense!  Which brings me to the next point.  Marines pride themselves in no man left behind?  How many Marines have lost their lives due to self infliction caused by synthetically created demonic possession!  And that is one reason that women should never be allowed in the military?  They might be more apt to want to kill their own countrymen in that way; if that was their illegal assignment? And so might the homosexual?

You can buy a pair of hearing protector muffs at the Dollar only store for $1 each.  How much does it take to form an aluminum can?   A few pennies!

Do you think military boarding school draft dodging Doctors slip Donald Trump would ever address an issue like that?  You already worship him for his obnoxious mouth as if he were King!

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