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Friday, May 27, 2016

I am unable to directly post to my very own webstie "Physical Countermeasures to Schizophrenia" so I will do so here. 05 28 2016

Interesting Schizophrenia Drug Research

Risperidone increases Prolactin levels. We know that because that is what caused breast growth in males who took it.

But I came to a conclusion that a supplement that decreased recovery time due to exercise might help people with schizophrenia because that supplement would indeed have to be aiding the cell mitochondria in order to do that. I couldn't think of any except adaptogens so I did a quick internet search. I blindly poked into one of the results and it gave me recovery supplements for male libido. So I started to read that research. I have read prior research that indicates that more human body energy goes into maintaining reproductive function than any other body system.

I believe that some of the psychiatric drugs target what the bible calls our Holy Spirit. Procula a roman and therefore by definition heathenized (mentally retarded) determined Jesus Christ to be crucified because she stated he gave her a terrible dream. It is really the impact of the human holy spirit on a heathenized brain structure.

But along that same line of reasoning I had to ask myself why would they give us a supplement that increases Prolactin? The answer is that after you ejaculate your prolactin levels spike. It is a female hormone so it really isn't great to your male well being in quantity? But when you give a man that it dissuades him from ejaculating????? Because it is a female (emotional) hormone???

But look at what that research in the above link states. Men who are DEFICIENT in prolactin have a faster recovery time!!!! So that drug is indeed like rat poison to the male mitochondria isn't it!

The article mentions B6, Zinc and Chasteberry as helping to reduce recovery time. And I can tell you personally that B6 helps a lot with the affliction of voices. It also increases serotonin.

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