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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Invention Needed:Rifle Barrel Stabilizer 12 07 2016

Invention Needed:Rifle Barrel Stabilizer 12 07 2016

The handguard on an AR-15 is somewhat of a barrel stabilizer.  Why?  Because their is constant high spring pressure around the guard in the direction of muzzle aim.

A shotgun shroud is similar to the concept I am thinking of.

But a rifle tends to be whipping at the end of the barrel.

So what is needed is a screw on device that is heat stable but light that comes back a distance from the muzzle and takes the whip out of the end of the barrel.  Thereby allowing for a light barrel but a very stable barrel.

I have not seen such a device on the market yet.

Such a device could be both female threaded and male threaded on the end so that a muzzle break could still be added to the end of it.

Likely material to be used?  Advanced synthetics such as carbon fiber, Kevlar or Dynema.

So how thin and light and yet more stable and strong could you make a rifle with such a device?  That would be the engineering crux of the issue.

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