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Monday, December 26, 2016

News that would actually be of some benefit to us 12 26 2016

News that would actually be of some benefit to us  12 26 2016

The following type of news should be mandatory reported.

1.  "XXXX"  who killed a family of three had been drinking "YYYY" brand of beer that he had purchsed from "ZZZZ" business; the owner of "ZZZZ" business is "FFFFF."

2.  Gravestone should read, "VVVVV" died of lung cancer, her favored brand of cigarette was "DDDDD"

3.  "XXXX" died of aids that he contracted from having homosexual sex with known aids infected person "YYYYY."

4."VVVV" has fetal alcohol syndrome/Downs Syndrome Sepctrum disorder, his mother drank "GGGG" brand alcohol while she was pregnant.

This would all be consistent with matching of costs to sources of revenues as the Republican Party is fond of promoting.

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Do you know why you never will ever see number one above?  Because the next sentence the Anchorwoman would have to read with the same fake smile would be, "You will see there product on our next television commercial!"

One late edition:

5. "DDDD" who was just convicted of criminal racketeering was confirmed a "Catholic" by "EEEE" priest at "HHHHH" parish.

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