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Monday, December 5, 2016

"You can't write like that only General Mattis is allowed to." 12 05 2016

“You can't write that way; General Mattis is the only one allowed to think that way!”

The reasons they use to put someone on psychiatric drugs in the United States are probably different and opposite of the reasons they would in a Communist Nation?

In fact I talked to a man from China once and I know that assertion is true!

So what does it mean? It means when you believe what you want to, such as freedom and individuality rather than what a Government, Church or wealthy individual does you are placed on them! It means that psychiatric drugs are a universal demonic tool of political censorship!

It means that you are the normal one and the odd bird with the hateful stare desiring to restrain and poison you is the abnormal one!

But in that first sentence there is a picture of a defiant or petulant hyperactivity type of person?

Who came to mind when you read it? A spoiled wealthy black person? Barack Obama?


The human race needs to milestone and move far past the great impostors and eliminate the drugs that create them and foster their ill fated control over humanity!

That is the only brave new world that results in peace and survival of the human species; instead of a mentally retarded child on a box of cereal label or shirt brand icon/label. There should be obscenity laws to prevent that.

Images like that should be banned on obscenity charges rather than the human being who thinks they are obscene being dragged away from their homes and poisoned by what amounts to be genetic homosexuals; a defect to the gene that regulates what one experiences happiness from (serotonin.)


“Doctor I realized that I am living someone else's life and I don't want to stop! Can you put them on psychiatric drugs for me?”


“How about if I give you a Mercedes?”



Pride in personal achievement versus hatred, envy and resentment of those who have the natural ability to achieve by their own developed means, “MAN!”; born and raised in a loving family that didn't use or consume controlled substances!

If the substance is controlled how come there is no control over the people who are born ill/ mentally defective from the use of it during conception and pregnancy? Do you see who doesn't think like “Man?”

“Voice; you believe there is absolutely no one that could like or believe in someone like me don't you!”

© 2016 Thomas Paul Murphy

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