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Friday, September 30, 2011

Foreign Trade, Stone Walling Utilities, Solar Energy, Funding Terrorism

There is something wrong about the American Utility industry that needs to be cracked good.
And in terms of foreign made goods, The United States has kicked itself in the butt by sourcing and having everything made in China.  We did this out of capitalism but what we are going to realize someday is that we should have gone solar a long time ago.  We should have also realized that when we outsourced our labor we also created an environmental problem for the entire world that will come  back to haunt us.  We had the opportunity to make things here and be responsible about how we made them.  But instead we had them made elsewhere, in effect the capitalistic policies of the United States regarding overseas trade supported and funded all the problems that we face in the world.  Money for foreign oil instead of solar brought about the Billionaire terrorist who was part of the same family we buy our oil from- you couldn't write a better of our foreign policy and of capitalism as it relates to world responsibility.  We should not trade with and thereby fund with large amounts of dollars those who are diametrical opposed to our constitution and what we as Americans should stand for.  But somehow this type of thinking is lost in the world of insult commentary television that passes for intelligence.
You are right we should have been the leader in solar panels!  Detective Colombo would scratch his head and think and ask why we aren't again.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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