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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why did Hitler Slaughter the Mentally Ill First 09 27 2011

Why did Hitler Slaughter the Mentally Ill First 09 27 2011

Because he knew that the occult often utilized the mentally unfit to wear down their victims of soul theft.  Once he eliminated the mentally unfit he became a lot stronger as there were no brainless idiots to wear him down. 
Then what happened?  The others he targeted became very weak because they could not keep up with his strengthened self.  And he slaughtered them. 
And what likely happened next.  He killed himself because those who were a part of him were gone, and he was then just left by himself to face the horror of his childhood upbringing, where he was beaten daily by his father.
Because Hitler was beaten when growing up he likely learned to believe in very blunt and gavel type logic.  It is either black or white.  It is either true or false.  If I take action is should either be complete or none whatsoever.  This type of upbringing leads to these extremes and extremisms.  And in extremism much is lost. 
I shall either take time to smell the flowers all day in life or I shall never smell them at all!  That kind of sounds like him doesn’t it?
And there is not doubt in my mind that the great success of military industrial complex he created was fueled off of the minds and souls that he persecuted.  I also believe that his soul might have been capitalized upon also, after all he was homeless and was very intelligence.  Who is that, that likes to give that penny with the same scratch on it back to you?
Bottom line, those whose souls you have stolen will always know that you have done so!  As such they should not have to live in fear and misery.  A fear and misery that supports you.
That is why God approved tithing- whereby those who made a lot give to their Gods in fairness.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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