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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mongolitum at Outpost Natural Foods 09 29 2011

Mongolitum at Outpost Natural Foods 09 29 2011
Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Outpost Natural Foods on East Capital Drive. 
Two Jewish Women were there shopping.  One of them had a teenage mongoloid daughter that was shopping with them.  How do I know that she was mongoloid?  Well she did not look like the mothers she was shopping with, they were gorgeous.  She had an oddly shaped puffy white face, crooked sharp teeth and beady inset swine like eyes.
The two Jewish women said to her, “Now there he is, why don’t you go ask him for a date!”  as they were all staring at me.   And I have no idea why I thought they were referring to me other than that?  Must be some delusion of grandeur they would say I have, as I am really quite fond of hearing the wretched spoken words, “Go back on your medicine!” in my head.  But they decided that she did not need their chaperone services any more after she saw me.  So I was so lucky to have her stalk me around the store.  I would turn to look and there she was ogling at me.
Of course when I first saw her my heart went out to her and I immediately thought, “How can we make this country a better place for the mongolitum?  How can we make this a more “Kindler, gentler nation,” for mongoloid offspring such as this?
I figured out a long time ago that there is more going on cognitively in a mongoloids mind that most people would realize.  For all those young high school boys on the Whitefish Bay Cross Country team that run past my house after school and yell as they pass by, your dream may still be alive, you might just kiss a frog and find out she turns into a princess- just the most beautiful maiden you could ever imagine.
Then, again, I started thinking, “How can we make this country a better place for you and your mongoloid offspring?”  If we brought back crucifixion would that be the kind of entertainment that you would find appealing again?  It seems consistent with your behavior doesn’t it?
How about crucifixion with wild caught crows that had been starved entering the captive area of the crucified?  Would that not appeal to your sick intellect?  Watching a crow coldly peck out a man’s eye for food?
How about putting wild starved squirrels in there with him?  Let them lose on your crucified; would that appeal to your ancient psychotic nature?- watching their sharp teeth render living flesh in order that they may survive under the circumstances you imposed on them?
This of course after you let mongolitum have her way with those you crucify.
And be very honest with the world because you know it is true> there is nothing you like better than watching mongolitum destroy others.
So how can we make this country a better place for you to live in?  Should we give you great power and allow you to let mongolitum control our nation?  Should we give you $50 billion?
How many Americans would like to have mongolitum cook their food for them?  Be honest Jewish Doctors, you know they were created through sodomy and intestinal bacteria entering the bloodstream of the pregnant woman.  You think God’s laws were for no reason whatsoever?
So how can we make this country a better place for you Jewish women, who thought it was so cute to parade the mongolitum after me in the store?  Could we give you access to the private male swine at the state fair so you could have more mongolitums sired?  That bestiality is just plain fun for you isn’t it! And there is never any fun in having fun is there?  And you seem to have more fun when you hurt people.  If you don’t believe me why don’t you get yourself a prized state fair pig and do an experiment?  We all know how you love to experiment on lab animals to create medicine!   You’re objecting in horror because you know that I am right already!  But you don’t realize it, until I present the argument to you in this way!  Your “men” will never tell you this because it would break your idiot hearts to know!  They’re deafly afraid to tell you that you are wrong!  Too bad because that would have led to responsible behavior- instead of justifying your persecution of others to you.
That is your sick daughter, from your sick mind!  Don’t put that hardship on the rest of us with your new form of crucifixion!
And I know that you love mongolitum more than anything.  In fact you love her so much that you would destroy the, “Rights of the Free,” to make her and yourself happy!
If you were to say I was the cause of mongolitum in accusation, I would only say in my defense against your persecution, “I could think of a cure!”
Andy human being who saw the introverted minds starting at me would come to the same conclusion, mongolitum is one of the sources of the painful voices in others heads!  And you only give her to people you find special, as a treat for her, don’t you?  Jesus a Jew went willingly to the cross because of the suffering you caused.  Hitler, another Jew, massacred you for this!  And no words spoken can stop you from horrifically stealing souls!  They were both living Gods to you, as defined by the Bible, and you know it!  And so is everyone else whose soul you stole and had labeled schizophrenia!
Don’t any of you Jews get mad at me for writing this; you knew the minute I saw the evil joke on me, that I would feel compelled to write this, if not demonically possessed by you to do so.
Have we catered to your unique needs too much already in the United States?  You would then create medicine to treat those whose souls you stolen.  All those medicines end up in our environment and in effect create a land mine field of potential sick creations that feed your delusion.  That pollution also creates more that are less than the image of God!  In effect because you try to artificially create those of the image of god, you create something that is a contrasting horror to that image!
The truly sick part is that you want your children to believe that they have no soul, because if they believe this they seek to steal a good soul, and then you are relieved from the responsibility of raising them.  And you do a very good job at convincing them that they don’t have a soul, to the point of belief whereby it becomes true for them because of their resultant actions.  And what of Mongolitum?  You believe the cause of her was never you and therefore that you should not bear the responsibility for her, so those you rely on for everything, get to hear her all day long.  And every once in a while you take her to see those whom she talks to, in their heads!
Let’s see if you understand the image of this poem.
“Look at honey braces,
See her dancing around,
Won’t you take me,
To see the clown.”

How can we make this a better place for you to enjoy?  I ask myself again, how can we make America a better place for you to live in? Should we make the water browner for you? Would that make you happy?  Maybe we could put more chemicals in our foods for you to eat?  Shall we buy you a farm complete with slaves?
How can we make America a better place for you to live in?

If you are finding me to harass in public you are finding me when I am in my home too. It is just that simple.

Am I a racist, if I expose racism?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
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