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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tithing 09 27 2011

Tithing 09 27 2011
The process of giving 10% of your money to those who helped you make it.
It was approved by God.
The ancient priests of the Jewish Religion were exiled and juxtaposed to an evil master in raising children.  No doubt those exiled priests got pissed and said you better give us at least ten percent.
So that is the nature of the established religion?
What happens when we don’t tithe or recognize tithing?  We create a controlling race of the satanic like Hitler who indeed find out that after they have killed everyone else there is no themselves accept horror.
What else happens when we don’t tithe?  The ruling class becomes irresponsible to our society and civilization and laws?  Why? Because they were not taught to tithe, they fail to recognize that they did not earn all they had.  And when they are allowed to believe great delusions such as this the evil and horrors of their minds escalate to the point whereby they justify any and all acts of horror, however subtle and secretive!
Bottom line: the rich should pay more taxes and they know it.
If you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia your mind has been utilized by the rich in wealth creation.  There are 1% of us in the world who have been diagnosed with this.  The ancient Hebrews thought that 10% was the right amount to give. 
So here is the law of the law that I will propose.  Those of you who stole the souls of those diagnosed as Schizophrenia should pay them 10% of your yearly income as a tax.
So if there are 1% of Americans that have this or roughly 4 million of us, we should receive 10% of the United States Gross National Product.  The GNP of the US is   $14.01 trillion dollars so that puts our yearly payment that we (Those rightfully diagnosed and have this running in our families) are to receive at $400,285.00 a year per person!
Now that is the tithing that was prescribed to and promoted by God and the Jewish Religion.  I would think that most of us that would be subject to receive this would wave the back pay that could be rightfully considered to be due to us.
Of course if we used the total adjusted gross income of United States that number would be less.  But in order to do that we would have to invalidate the corporate structure the other number is partly based on to make comparison fair going into the future.
Or we could just agree to never steal any souls again and label our victims something that greatly stigmatizes them.
I am offering this proposal to the world as a whole.  And your compliance with this proposal ensures that you have complied with God and that he will not destroy the world.  The choice is yours!
I suggest that you pay me and all your other victims!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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