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Friday, September 30, 2011

So you can carry a hand gun, now what 10 01 2011

So you can carry a hand gun, now what?
Are you prepared to kill someone?
My favorite story is one my dad told me.  A fellow teacher’s car was being rocked by a mob of core dwellers, he pulled out his gun and stuck it out the window and fired into the air.  This was back in the 70’s or 80’s.
But let’s consider some scenarios.
You see a shootout going on out on the street, you think you can help because you have a gun, you pull it out and shoot the guy on the side that you think is the bad guy, he is an undercover cop and you go to jail the rest of your life.
Two men attempt to rob your grocery store.  You shoot one of them he is lying on the floor.  The other one runs out the door.  You reload and shoot dead the guy on the floor.  This is an actual case and the owner got life in prison.  They say he should have held the gun on the man and called 911.  Could his lawyer have made the case, I am responsible for those in my store, my daughter might have come into the storeroom through the door in the back and he could have shot her with another gun on his persona.  Or that the assailant might have shot a customer coming in the front door and the store owner would have been responsible for that death when he had the opportunity to prevent it?
New Scenario: You are an old person in your car at State Fair and it is being rocked.  Your wife has heart disease.  You have a gun.  Would it not be protecting  your wife’s life to defend with the use of that gun.
New Scenario:  There is a druken bar dispute.  Someone has a gun and the shooting starts and people are keeling over. Does anyone remember the Old Westerns where the sign on the door said NO Guns?  Or check guns at the front.  It makes you shake your head and wonder.
New Scenario:   You are an elderly black man living in the poverty area.  Two men come to your front door.  You answer it and they barge in.  You don’t see they have a gun.  But you have one tucked in the back of your pants under your belt.  Do you have the right to use it right away?  Remember as an elderly person you can not match force in any other way with the younger ones than that gun?  What would the courts say?  Would we hear the man getting jail for the rest of his life?  He has lived in the core all his life isn’t that bad enough!  Or would we then hear the young family members of the dead teenagers look into the camera and say with devious eye’s my brother should not have been shot?
New Scenario:  Twenty youths walk into a Starbucks coffee shop each legally carrying a holstered hand gun?  It sounds like trouble right away.  It sounds like trouble even if they were not carrying hand guns doesn’t it, so maybe the answer to that one lies there.
New Scenario:  You are at a State Wildlife park and it is located near a school zone where you can’t have a gun.  Something sharp long toothy locks onto your neck and suffocates you because of some rule regarding our greatest generation of idiot youth!
New Scenario: It is a very important aspect of gun safety to make sure it is in proper working condition.  You own a hand gun and are living in what is termed some school zone.  You are cleaning your gun outside on your picnic table because you don’t want the fumes from the cleaning fluid to asfixiate and kill your elderly parents who suffer from a number of modern health problems such as congestive heart disease, diabetes, reduced lung function.  So common sense tells you that is something you should do outside.  Your neighbor who was a great shithead pain in the ass before this calls the police.  They come and arrest you.  Can anyone tell me why?  Can anyone tell me what spirit of the law they are following?
New Scenario:  There is a drug dealer in your neighborhood peddling drugs to your children.  One day they find he is shot dead and no one knows who did it.
New Scenario:  There is a pimp in your neighborhood.  He is shot dead by the prostitute that he controlled through abuse.
New Scenario:  You come to a scene of violence.  You pull out your gun thinking you can help.  The man shooting yells, I am a cop.  He isn’t a cop and shoots you because you didn’t shoot him!
All of these scenes changer very quickly in terms of who is guilty of what.  And a bad lawyer or a lawyer who is not feeling up to snuff that day can change the outcome just as quickly for you later on.
New Scenario: You are playing basketball.  Someone disagrees with a call and say’s “I am going to my car to get my gun!”  Do you get yours?  Have we indeed brought back the duel?  We have the worst reading level SAT scores so I suppose the duel is okay too right or wrong? 
New Scenario: Well, you think of one.  Because it is best to think of them proactively so that solutions are put in place to address such scenarios.  That is what our Constitution was for.
New Scenario:  You want to own a hand gun to serve and protect your community because that is what you believe in and you would risk your life for your belief in a better community.  Maybe they should hire you on the police force!
New Scenario:  Learn how to use strong righteous words to assert yourself when they are trying to offend you and you might not need a gun.  There is a line in a Beach Boys song, “The bad guys know us and they leave us alone.”  Or something like that, I think what it is referring to is the lion tamer philosophy.  And that is one of confidently asserting yourself when you are outnumbered.  I have found this to be helpful.  I think some criminals are jarred into respecting people who are not afraid to stand up for themselves.  I guess what I am getting at is that in these types of situations you have to ask yourself,  “Would God be on my side if with regard to my action?”  or “Is my action being influence by something I saw on our big money culture television and movie screen?”  Always be aware of how you have been influenced by television with regard to your thinking.  What have young minds been sold to believe as presented on television.  Bottom line, too much money has been made by those who have programmed our televisions to the detriment our societies in terms of the thought patterns that have been engrained into our youth.  Not to mention the idiot kids who play those video games and think a hand gun is the same reality, you don’t want to know my real opinion of these ones, other than wouldn’t it permanently teach them responsibility to own a handgun whereas their parents could not?  And who should the parents blame when their child commits an irresponsible act leading to his/her own death?
New Scenario: Ten year old hunter shot for Turkey should not have been allowed to go hunting in the first place.  Want to know why rather quickly?  Just apply all the scenarios regarding hand gun safety to the decision capacity of a ten year old holding a loaded gun!
New Scenario:  A father owns a gun and was not able to instill the respect for the deadly weapon in his child.  How many of us look around and think fathers like this are far more prevalent than they have ever been or should ever be.  So is the pecking moral conscious to deny them from having guns?  They should have that right to own a gun.  And if they were not responsible with that gun, to me it represents something they should have learned a long time ago.  Something about respect for others.  Something about knowing how your decisions in life affect others.  You know where I am going in a circumspect way so I’ll leave it at that.
New Scenario:  A sons rich parents go on vacation.  He throws a party. He is also a drug dealer.  Your son goes there with three other boys, one who is named Brandon.  They leave the party after awhile.  Brandon right on cue, tackles the others while they are walking to the car in the street.  There just happens to be a police car parked down the block.  All four are taken to the police.  The Drug dealing son is charged with providing intoxicants to minors.  He is fined $350.  He comes to the place of work where your son lives and demands he pay $75 for the fine.  You have a strong suspicion his father owns a handgun.  You already know the adult son is a little scary, like a person who would yell loudly and coldly and demanding to coerce someone to try and get his way.  He is an upper classman to you and is bigger than you.  Your mother calls his mother and his mother say’s, “Just let them work it out by themselves.”  You say to yourself, “God if he is planning on coming at me with that gun let him turn it on himself instead.”  The son killed himself with the gun.  “True Story!”  Should you feel guilt for having that thought?
Another interesting point, our current youngest generation is the first projected to not live as long as the currently older ones because of our modern diseases.  I am fine with the Junk food tax.  But here is one thing they must do also.  Soda machines all must have lower prices for products.  And how about this- every soda machine that there is must also sell a bottle of filtered clean water for 25 cents, in addition to the high sugar ones.  There can be more done in terms of the spirit of that idea too.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
PS, I would let the elderly black man out the back door of the jail and say go home.

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