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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The ARRAY continued part II 02 08 2012

What if every third row in a farmers low growing crop field was indeed a rolled out photovoltaic ARRAY?

How much energy could be produced?

It could be very easy to figure out.  You take the planted acreage of a State (PA).  You figure out how many rows there are per acre (RPA).  You multiple PA x RPA=RL.  RL  would ewaul Row Lineage.  UL would be equal to the lenght of an Acre times the number of rows of acres in a state where the arrays would be rolled into.  Because it is every third walking or every other open walking row you would divide.  So to get UL you would divide RL by 2.  RL/2 =UL.

Now the next step would be to figure out how much Electric Power a Row of Photovoltaic Array can produce.  The yield would vary by manufacturer of the Photovoltaic.  So you would have to figure out that number by looking it up and comparing.  But for example a 3' by 1' Photovoltaic panel can commonly produce 15 Watts.

I am not going to figure out the rest of the math, other than to say our energy crisis would readily be over.  Not only that we would need to produce less corn as Ethanol Fuel.  Less Corn produced would indeed mean less runoff into our lakes and rivers.  Assuming that Organic Farming is not mandated before then and many fast food firms are outlawed as producing diabetees and heart disease and cancer, etc.

I will put this question up to someone  else.  Could the whole nation be powered by just one state?  And what about placing them in our desserts?  How about placing them in air force targeting grounds?   Why would we need a military if every country on earth was trying to emmulate a good example of leadership?

We are pretty isolated by our borders of Mexico and Canada so if we are attacked our constitutional right to keep and bear arms should protect us.

Besides the fact that our foreign policy has cuased trouble in every country we have gone into.  I looked at a news channel last night and thought that Cable news station has no right to overshadow our national policies by intermixing the horrors civil unrest of foreign countries.  In other words you are dedicated to national policy as a channel or Foreign countries but not both.  Why not?  Becuase we have enough problems and issues in this country that have not been addressed.  Who doesn't forget about what is wrong with this country when we see an Arab throwing a rock at another next to a burning car.  Isn't that just the symbol that bothers us, one throwing a rock at another with a burning car somewhere in the picture.

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