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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Electronics designed to fail 02 15 2012

Electronics designed to fail 02 15 2012

Have you ever had an electronic device exposed to water and it no longer worked and you wondered why not?

If you ever take one of these apart you will easily see what went wrong.  The metal in the circuit board has oxidized a white film that leaches throughout the circuit and ruins it.  It becomes acid etched or oxidized when exposed to water.

It is very simple.  There is a metal in that circuit board that burns it water!  It was designed to fail so that they can sell you a new one. 

If I were president of this country every circuit board made would have to not “Burn” or oxidize in water!  There certainly has to be an easy technology that can replace this at the same cost!

We have created enough waste in this world.  Deer and cows with madness disease that is passed to humans!  Thinned fish populations, radioactive fish, mercury in fish… Enough is enough!!!!  Every one of these dependent minded idiots that profits from the sale of this technology also suffers as the resultant pollution make them more likely to become dependent minded! 

Wouldn’t it be great if companies that made products that lasted were rewarded instead of going out of business?  Why is this not the case.  It is very simple.  The dependent minded rule this world and they hate the acts and actions of the minds they are dependent too.  That is why they seek to mire their creativity and productivity with goods that do not last!  The independent minded truly do all the engineering of the dependent minded, but they do not profit from it or receive credit from it!

Water should indeed be quite common and considered something that all products sold should be able to withstand exposure to!  If I were President I would institute this higher standard!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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