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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gun control and conflicting laws 02 01 2012

Gun control and conflicting laws!!! 02 01 2012
If I have been granted the permit to carry a concealed weapon and that permit is in good standing, “Why I am subject to the waiting period to buy a hand gun?” 

Maybe it is so I don’t use that permit to buy guns for others?  So how many guns do I need.  I should only be allowed to have two of every gun ever made.  That would be fair and prevent me from buying guns for others? 

All the wrong people have all the guns today.  I can think of three valid reasons to own a gun, target practice, hunting and personal protection.  It is those who are buying for personal protection that are committing the crimes with guns.  So you buy a gun for personal protection and then you can’t get a job and in order to protect yourself from dying hungry in the cold you commit a crime.  How about we say that you must be given a job doing something then and if you are not still hell bent on killing others you can get that gun back.   For if we are to put you in a job where you are the equivalent of servitude and can be subject to being whipped by a traitor to the human race who whips you with a bicycle chain because he has indeed assumed that power over you then you still have that human right to own the gun.  You shoot the bicycle chain whipper, who do you answer to?  You may be killed on earth but God in heaven will redeem you!!!  Hypotheticals or stories these are.

Continued:  With concern for reason number three.  What if there was a nuclear holocost and a race of flesh eating zombies appeared... then.  What if there was not nuclear holocost but people just became the equivalant of zombies becuase of health degredation due to our national diet and the presence of pharmacueticals in our water?  We might need to protect ourselves from acts of aggression from them.  What if there was a race of people who did not want to work but instead leach off the minds of others; and it was found out that they victimized people- how do we protect ourselves against them?  What if they subverted our judicial system and society and bent it to their will? A horrific technology already exists to enslave others.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wait I should be able to own three of each gun, one for each hip plus a spare.  No, maybe four would be better in case I lost the pair then I would have a new pair.  So the rule should be that I can own four of every type of gun ever made.  Unless of course I am in gun sales.

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