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Monday, February 27, 2012

Inventions Needed 02 27 2012 C The Tripod Camera Strap

Inventions Needed 02 27 2012 C The Tripod Camera Strap
Carrying a tripod is an iffy type of ordeal, as in I don’t know IF I will need to use one today so I’ll leave it at home. 

What we need is a camera strap that has a graduated thickness to it.  This camera strap could be used to change the angle of a camera shot by resting the camera on a stationary device and using the strap to adjust the angle.  By stationary device I mean object where you are taking a picture such as a hand rail or post, car hood, etc.

Such Camera strap could also have a ¼” by 20 thread stud to attach the camera to it for differential positioning.  In addition another variation of such camera strap could have semi-flexible legs in it that “Spider legged” out and formed a flexible tripod located within and inherent to the camera strap. Such strap would be made so that its traditional characteristics such as comfort ability and flexibility are not compromised.

Background or necessitation:  Better photographic shots are taken with a tripod because it is stationary and the image is therefore less distorted relative to a shot taken while holding the camera by hand.
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