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Monday, February 27, 2012

Inventions Needed 02 27 2012 Conventional Oven with Adjustable Chamber Hole

Inventions Needed: 02 27 2012 Conventional Oven with Adjustable Chamber Hole

~An oven that changes the size of the opening depending on the size of the food to cook. It could have a crank on the outside to adjust both the rack height and the floor at the same time. Heating element wires would have to be very secure and insulated- more so than current models in order for this new type of oven to be safe.

1. Very rarely do we use the full size of an oven to cook an item such as a turkey.
2. Oven’s cook food in a healthier way.
3. A smaller space that is efficient to the size of the food to cook heats up faster and therefore requires less energy=electricity.
4. Food would be made quicker if the oven required less preheating. Therefore people would cook for themselves more often and become healthier.
5. If mandated it would reduce our energy deficiency.

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