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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inventions Needed A pencil eraser to put in the end of your power drill 02 23 2012

Background: When making biscuit type joints in wood it is imperative that one make corresponding pencil marks on each piece of wood to be joined by the biscuit and glue. The concept applies to every type of wood glue joint where pencil marks are make.
The problem arises when one then glues the joint together and the glue fixes the pencil mark in place.

Today I put a pencil in my drill so that the eraser end was sticking out and when about spin erasing the pencil marks. It worked. However what was needed was a special type of eraser; one that had a little more pencil on wood erasing power.

This item could be made and marketed to carpenters.

I would attempt to patent one myself but I do not have the money to do so. And the satanic race has monopolized the patent industry! So the best that I can do is state that I thought of it independent of anyone else and make the idea available to everyone. To the Satanic race those whom they make into schizophrenics are their Golden Gooses.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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  1. PS. It looked like the hexagonal shape of the pencil would fit right in the hexagonal drill socket. But the pencil was bigger. So such devices could indeed be the exact dimension of the standard hexagonal drill bit socket. 02 23 2012