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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Modified Citrus Pectin has apparently cured my Sciatica Overnight 02 29 2012

Modified Citrus Pectin has apparently cured my Sciatica Overnight!

I just started taking it yesterday!  I had a lot of pain in my hips and calves since Mid December of 2011 (today is February 29 2012)

The reason I believe that the Modified Citrus Pectin cured it is because Sciatica is a Nerve type disease.  And what irritates nerves more than anything else?  Heavy Metals and chemicals that are foreign to our bodies.

This morning I had a blank frontal lobe type headache.  Apparently the Modified Citrus Pectin is also detoxifying my brain too!  That symptom is called the healing withdrawal upon detoxification of toxic substances.  What it means is that the toxins are being flushed from storage sites and into the metabolism!  They are then excreted.

I briefly scanned an email letter by Dr. Nan Fuchs and read the ingredient to use was Modified Citrus Pectin.  Her (?) research stated that the amount of heavy metals was excreted by a great percentage.  I just looked at the numbers and new that she was onto something and purchased.

Here is a link or email address her letter was sent to me from.

Pectin is a jelling type substance much like jello.  My father always said that gelatin increased muscles.  In fact after a Easter Dinner the pan the ham was cooked in often formed a gelatin.  My father and I would dip our fingers in the gelatin and eat it. 

What I am experiencing after 2 and 1/2 months of pain is nothing short of a miracle day!

Beware of food from places that you eat out at.  Catholic Priest Father Michael Lightener told a mass I attended that Satan is all around us.  What does that mean in context to this?  It means you really can not trust food preparation standards.  If you ever saw the Movie "Dumb and Dumber" you get a good idea of the nature of the dependent minded whom Jesus termed Satan.  Exacting standards need to be taken and reinforced by our government regarding food quality, preparation and monitoring of such.  What Father Lightener was getting at was that there are some of us whose thoughts are heard by others.  There might even be a complete Jesus class of people in our world who are genetically different in this manner.  But it might be more of the tortured souls are heard type affliction.  We are labeled schizophrenic.  And not all that are heard are aware that they are listened to.  I am not out to hunt down the Satanic, I believe that we need to expose them, accept them and integrate them into our society with open arms.  For all I know they might have been born that way.

My father had just graduated from Marquette when him and his relative got food poisoning by eating at a local restaurant.  I have a firm belief that the Satanic take lesser standards when they want to steal the soul and knowledge of a person.  That is their way!  They are clearly defined in the Bible.  All sales of mercury based thermometers should be banned as if they were Anthrax!!!!  If I were President I would do it by executive order immediately!

Follow the link below to the exact same product that I used for just one day that had miraculous results!!!!

Modified Citrus Pectin

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