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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Women and Muslims etc 02 02 2012

Women and Muslims, etc. 02 02 2012
I have not found a woman who is right for me.  The pretty ones are all spoiled rotten and I tend not to look at the ugly ones because our culture has conditioned me to strive for beauty.  And indeed I like to look at beauty.  Would I really be more compatible with an ugly woman?  Would she possess the qualities I like in a woman? 
I often wonder what the dating scene would be like if we did not see the faces of the women we dated until we asked them to marry us?  Would there be a lot more happy marriages.
When I look at the level of maturity of the American woman today I have to ask myself, “Did all women initially wear veils?”  If all women initially wore veils who was the first woman to take off her veil?  It would have to be someone that was spoiled and nobody wanted to date because of the way she acted, so she had something going for her, her looks and she used those to get a man.  As I look at American women today what do I see?  I see that all women indeed compete on looks and hence their personalities are rotten.  They are all like that first woman who took off her veil!  So indeed what does this imply?  It implies that American mothers have all been skilless, hard to get along with, snots, brats, stupid…basically ever reason you would not want to marry a woman for if you had to compare them all wearing veils.  And what do the sons of such women become?  They are part of the race of women!  What do these son’s long for more than anything else?  A true father figure!  Where do they find one?  They prey upon the men who were not sons of such women!!! They prey upon the sons of men!  The sons of men had fathers that loved them!  A son of man would want no-one other than him to raise his son or daughter.  This is not how the race of women operates.  They think that whatever their needs in like are, that they can take them.  There is no substitute for firsthand knowledge gained through experience.  The race of women seeks to see through their victims eye’s and take all that they create!  They cannot create themselves because they were not raised to be responsible and independent thinkers.  They would never have the confidence to stick their necks out and say that this is the product or idea that people need and will sell well.  So that is why they need a victim!  They need a victim to loot for good ideas because if they did not have a means to attain good ideas they would be found out for what they are; a horrific and useless race of women!

Getting back to my story about demonic possession.  Have you ever been at a bar when you were in college and some ugly guy is just sitting there and staring at you?  Here is a little known fact about demonic possession by the race of the dependent minded.  Once they are with you they see through your eyes.  And they do indeed curse people in your area against you!  For example you look at a woman and think that she is ugly or maybe you even scorn her is some way that you did not know of, she will be with you wherever you go.  And guess who she is able to control?  Those of her ilk that are dependent minded.  That dolt sitting across the room does not even know what he is thinking or why when he stares at you looking for a fight.  It is the spirit of that evil woman present with you that is leaving you and possessing him to do harm to you.  Know why does the evil spirit want to threaten you when you are away from home?  Because it wants you to go back home where it is close to you.  It indeed believes that you are its man.  This is witchcraft and the nature of the Coven.  If you think about it a race of women would need some man type of figure in order to survive?  Right?  Well guess who that is?  That is the men whose minds have been fragmented and labeled schizophrenia.  If these people were so happy and well-adjusted they wouldn’t be bothering others; they wouldn’t need to.
My mother told me of a Muslim woman that she met.
1.       They have to prey 4 times a day. (little time to do bad or commit acts from the idle evil mind.)
2.      They get up at sunrise and prey.
3.      On Friday afternoon at 1 or 1:30 they have something church like and a lot come.
4.      The women wear their head covered when they go out.
5.      They cannot be in a room alone with a man who is not their husband.  (This is a very good rule.  Why?  Because it defeats thoughts of temptation.)
The divorce rate is so high today that something in our society is not working.
But the Arab world does not have it right either!  Why because they practice polygamy!  What is polygamy?  Polygamy favors the second generation wealth in the Arab world.   Why?  Because women naturally migrate to men who have money.  That second generation wealth does not have the skill set of the first generation.  More likely than not, in America, second and later generations of wealth are horrible spoiled people.  They have had everything given to them and have not had to overcome failure and learn for themselves.  What happens next with later generations of wealth?  They abuse the lower wealth classes as if they are disposable!  What I am getting at is that those men who do not get to marry the women that are polygamous wives might indeed be a better mate for such wives.  If the Arab were denied having more than one wife the men and women would both be happier.  What is proof positive or prima fascia evidence of this?  If the Arab women were indeed so great why does an Arab man need more than one?
What if all single women over 27 were required to wear a veil.  What if all women in America were required to wear a veil?  What am I getting at?  Our culture has made role models for women out of talentless brats!
Maybe I ask for too much in the women that I would want to marry.
Arabs might say that American women are all bad.  At least we tried to marry just one.  Sure you will say that you only marry one.  But that is not true for Arabs who have a lot of money.  Somehow the rules change for them, answer that before you recuse.
Maybe a beautiful Arab woman might be right for me.  She might have a pleasant personality and be highly capable.  The only problem is that when I sat next to one in grade school she smelled pretty bad.  I mean puking bad.  I believe that it is a general truth that Arab women are better behaved and cause less trouble than American women, but I can’t confirm this.
And another thing about Arab women, if they have had a dose of your descending holy spirit and wear the veil so you can’t see what they look like….actually these women are more annoying.  Maybe these were really American women impersonating Arab women that I am thinking of and remembering.  Otherwise I have seen that this group of Arab women have the same evil idle soul as American women.  These could not have been true Arab women that bothered me because a true Muslim woman would not have the time to think of such evil.
So there we have it, there is no woman good enough for me!
And if America is so bad in the first place why are all the Arabs coming here in the first place?  You did not have the wherewithal to build your own educational systems and now you condemn us.  You came here to get an education.  You learned from us.  And then you turned on your teacher?  You bit the hand that fed you!
But America does need change.  But the America that put the educational structure in place is not the same one that exists today.
Both Jesus Christ and Muslims had the same father, Abraham.  I do not know if the stealing of souls is as prevalent in the Arab world as it is in the United States.  Wait a minute, the stealing of souls can not be as prevelant in the Arab world as it is in America because you will not find a prescription drugstore on every corner in the Arab world as you do in America.  They cannot safely steal your soul in the Arab world and get away with because they can't make a zombie of you there!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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