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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gout it Can Cripple You 02 01 2012

GOUT It Can Cripple You!!! 02 01 2012
What does uric acid do when it crystallizes in your body?  It creates sharp crystals in muscles and joints that lame people and cause disability!  Why?  Because the sharp crystals cut and tear joints and ligaments apart!!!!

Why type of technology could crystallize Uric Acid?  Microwave technology can remove water from not only food in your microwave oven but also the water from your flesh!!!  That is primarily how it works!!!

Where do we see microwave technology today?  It is on every one of those Cell Phone Towers!  And what does the technology look like?  The look like arrays of inverted syringes!!!

90% of those suffering from high uric acid Gout type of arthritis are men!  Who would do this to men?  There is only one race that would do this to men-it is the race of the dependent minded- a race of women!

Microwave technology quickly evaporates water from the flesh!  As you look around the world you have to ask yourself- “Is it any wonder our water is so UNCLEAN!”

And by the way 10% of Gout Arthritis victims are women!  So if you are a woman who has been diagnosed with arthritis of the knees, hips or otherwise you have to ask yourself, “Was there a woman that really couldn’t stand me or an effeminate or homosexual type man who I offended.”

Those microwave towers have no business cluttering our landscape and making victims of us!

If I were president – by executive order they would all have to come down.  The United States would be a microwave free zone.  Every United States Citizen would be given a meter that told if they were exposed to such radiation.  If they were they would receive an income from the COUNTY they resided in and could live anywhere on earth they chose!!

This degenerative arthritis can be reversed but if you do not act quickly the damage to muscles, ligaments and bones is too great and you become vulnerable to other germs, etc.  This how the festering process of disease works, it is opportunistic!

What do we see immediately after our country was populated by microwave towers???  We see very smart looking commercials with regards to Uric Acid Arthritis!!!  There is a new long term drug and even monitors like the blood sugar monitor with test strips for Uric Acid!  Who among you can put two and two together?

By executive order I would ban cell phones in their basic technology as unsafe to human health.  (I have conceived of the basis for a new cell phone technology you can read about it in my second ‘The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper’ book that is still in process.)

By the way microwave hearing was the technology used to create synthetic telepathy!  It has been in existence for quite some time.  People have been driven crazy with this technology.  Every member of the AMA knows about this and is guilty of a felony!  The health insurance industry has relied on the pharmaceutical companies as a profit source.  Let’s see if you understand the math.  The pharmaceutical companies make so much money that there is more to go around and spit with the health insurance companies!!!  When we find such a great lie like this as the basis of our health care system we have to question every drug that has ever been developed.  As such I would use Executive Order to ban health Insurance and the sale and manufacture of pharmaceuticals.  Pharmaceuticals are really alchemists turned white collar drug dealers.  Do you know what the heart of the health insurance debate really is?  Health insurance is really a smoke screen that prevents people from asking why they are getting sick in the first place!  It is a layer that prevents people from asserting their rights in the work place!  It no longer becomes a you should have provided better working conditions; it becomes a debate about who will pay for the illness I have!  In other words if they get you to fight a first layer of the problem you are not going to be likely to get to fight the second layer of the problem because you have expended all your energy on the first layer.

Naval radio operators in WWII Went crazy from exposure to this technology.  If you knew the reality of the horror of those who are talking to your loved ones and the cause of the voices they hear, you’d want to kill yourself!!!

The quickest way to lame someone that you don’t like is to target them with a microwave weapon.  A college student in electrical engineering can pick up a discarded microwave oven on the curb, loot it components and use them to create such a directed energy weapon.

Targeting someone with a directed energy microwave weapon is the quickest way for the race of dependent minded to lame someone whose thoughts they like to hear.  Yes you heard that right, thoughts they like to hear!! It is the exact same reality regarding the nature of Satan that we learned from the Bible.  The quickest way to mentally disable someone is to target them with a microwave weapon!!!  Someone who would do this to another is of the same genes as the rest of us but somehow they act like a species below us!  What causes them to be this way?  Many things, learned behavior, easy money, no true father figure!!!

Newt Gingrich has executive orders that he will use if President to erase what little good was fought for and done.  He said he will immediately use them.

As President I would have my executive orders to immediately put in place too.

I have seen these microwave weapons that are used on humans.  They are of many forms.  But the most disturbing ones are permanently mounted in the attics of people’s houses and garages, they look like the cornucopia.  People who live next to these people become victims of Satan!  Would this evil race be better off if they knew how to use and mount power tools to workbenches and actually teach their children skills?

You think that I am crazy when I am speaking of the powerful nature of directed energy weapons?  You believe that they could not have enough power to do this?

By executive order all current cell phone technology would be banned, ( I love all the features of them too!)

When you talk on a cell phone you are giving your exact location to the microwave tower!!!

Other symptoms of microwave exposure include,

1.      Dry scalp

2.      Dry skin.

3.      Miscarriage

4.      Autism

5.      Any degenerative illness.

6.      Vision loss and blindness, including glaucoma.

7.      Mental fog, loss of memory and stupor.

8.      Any physical or mental illness can be caused or made worse by microwaves.

Here is where it starts to get good and also become a concern for the perpetrators.  Microwaves from the Big Bang of creation bombard the earth every day.  This is sometimes called cosmic radiation!  What protects form them is a combination of two things.  1. Our atmosphere provides a barrier to them.  Our atmosphere is indeed thinning or dwindling because of fossil fuel consumption and pollution.  But here is where it gets even better, microwaves from outer space or cosmic radiation penetrates the earth more readily at night time.  Do you know why? 2.  Light filtering through our atmosphere creates a HALO that protects us.  That has been scientifically proven, but they do not use the term HALO.  Think of understanding the protective layer of that halo this way, we don’t see blue sky at night.  But what does the night do?  It gives us a break from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  We are indeed balanced between night and day!!!  And we are less protected night and day from radiation than we have ever been.  Have you looked to the Western skies recently and seen that they are red at sunset and say to yourself, they did not use to be that way?  It is a wakeup call!

If you are being targeted with microwave radiation and are ill, relax you do not have to do anything to bring these people to justice.  The same people who would zap you are the ones that have no problem seeing our ozone depleted by fossil fuels.  What am I getting at?  Sooner or later the very real cosmic microwave radiation that is stronger in the night will kill them all very horrifically!

Relax- it is Gods will that they poetically die by their own proverbial swords.  If they believe that there will be very few people left and only their chosen ones will rule and live on earth, that there will always be enough atmosphere left for them, God would have something to say about this!  His fate for them will be misery and death.  And he will not have to do anything to start the process.  All he would have to do might be to not protect them as they were the only ones left and did not live in his image.

If you believe that your select few being the only ones left would have enough resources for yourself, let me ask you this, “How would you put out a national forest fire?” and better yet, “How would you put out a candle potted nuclear reactor?”  As you can see God has good stuff planned for you in poetic justice already!  A ha ha.  If I were you I would develop Microwave Voltaic Array technologies to capture cosmic radiation from the night.  Why?  Because soon there will be very little atmosphere, and you will be burned night and day and have to live in caves!  A ha ha!

Those candle potted nuclear reactors that you cannot but out will be your only source of heat and you will have to stay near them at night time as they are in effect the equivalent of volcanoes!!!  But the closer you sit to the candle potted nuclear reactors turned into volcanoes the sooner your flesh will fall off and you will die.

God did not do this to you, you did this to you.  All God has to do to indemnify himself from accusation from other Gods that might exist is to say that he was distracted in his thinking when that asteroid was headed to the earth.  Ah ha ha.

Let me let you in on the psychology of Satan.  He/she wants money in this world more than anything else. Why?  Because she is dependent minded and they know the reality of this world.  They believe they are not as good as the people whose thoughts they hear and were raised to hear.  This creates an overwhelming motivation to prove that they are better than everyone else.  Why?  Because they need to do this, to live in delusion, because of the horrific existence of their everyday life. (Will call Satan she as if they are all the race of women.) They try to convince every in the world that they are better because they have attained more money, but the people they can never convince are themselves.  Why can’t they convince themselves?  Because if they could they would not keep going back to the source of all their money and success; the independent minded or those whose souls they have stolen and labeled mentally ill in our society.  The first day that Satan’s voice is not heard by others is the dawn of a new era!  It is the day that they first accept themselves for what they are.  And it is a natural way to be, they were born this way.  It is kind of like my brother there was from the same batch as I was.

By executive order of my presidency all commercial sale and production of alcohol to be banned.  Here is my reasoning; if you are no longer smart enough to safely make it yourself that is when you should stop drinking it or be prevented from drinking it.  (Alcohol is indeed a source of high Uric Acid in the blood!!!)  And who is to say that Gout is not the primary cause of all arthritis?  I will indeed say that right here and now!!!!

Direct all the energy you want on me.  That cosmic radiation from heaven is going to come down on you hard!!!

Facts about Gout:  Uric acid is a purine derivative.  Uric acid was first isolated from Kidney Stones (RF1).

Alternative Treatments for Gout.  Because gout is caused by something you eat it can also be cured by something you eat.  And it is a chemical that your kidneys can’t excrete in your urine.

a.        Cherry Juice and all forms of Cherries

b.      NAG  (N-acetyl-glucosamine)

c.       Sea Cucumber

d.      Vitamin E

e.       Germanium

f.       No Milk or Dairy

g.      Free form Amino Acids

h.      Honey

i.        Dandelion (what is nature telling us)

j.        Nettle

k.      Raw Adrenal

l.        2 Cloves of Garlic was the Russian Remedy

m.    Strawberries

n.      I would add a drop of iodine tincture or two, mega B6

o.      Stone Free by Planetary Formulas will also help.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Reference materials for alternative treatments for gout found from “The Natural Physicians Healing Therapies by Mark Stengler  ISBN 0-88723-387-2, Secret Food Cures by Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen ISBN0-88723-431-3,  The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing by Gary Null, PhD. ISBN 0-88723-455-0, Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James F. Balch MD. And Phyllis A Balch.  ISBN 0-89529-727-2, and RF is from Wikipedia article on Uric Acid.

Note to self, “Are Candle potted nuclear reactors from ancient or prior earth history that melted down really the origin of Volcanoes?”  and isn’t it poetic justice that the rich are disabled from eating rich dessert foods!

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