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Sunday, April 7, 2013

75,766 Alcohol Fatalities a year versus 29,088 Gun Fatalities

75,766 Alcohol Fatalities a year versus 29,088 Gun Fatalities

The Alcohol statistic takes into account 34,833 deaths linked to cirrhosis of the liver, cancer and other diseases linked to too much alcohol consumption and 40,933 related to car crashes and other mishaps for a total of  75,766.

The gun fatalities per year of 29,088 takes into account that two thirds of those deaths (19,392 deaths) were suicides!  And there were 11,078 homicides.

The greatest number of homicide offenders occurs in the 18-24 year old range.  What does this tell us?  It tells us that the issue surfaces when young men graduate from High School and enter the work force.  What else do young men experience at that age? They "experiment" with alcohol!  And other drugs.  Followed by 24- 34 and 14-17.  This is a problem of young men not finding jobs to raise and support families in our society.

You cannot tell me that the alcohol does not contribute to gun fatalities just as it does to car accidents!

And my statistics may not be from the same year but it doesn't matter because the point is exactly the same as if they were.

What is my point?  No-one is rallying and saying that if you want to decrease fatalities you also ban alcohol.  Do you get it?  They say that it is the gun that causes the deaths in the one statistic and yet the death by alcohol is much greater and contributes to the gun deaths but no one is rallying to ban the alcohol!  No one is saying the can of beer causes the problem!  No one points to the can of beer as if it is more dangerous than the gun when statistically it is far more deadly!

And what do we know about the 2/3 of gun deaths that are suicide based and alcohol?  We know that alcohol is a depressant!  And what do we learn from the statistics of the German Pharma commercials on television: Depression is the leading cause of suicide!  So we can directly link the effect of alcohol to 2/3 of all gun deaths.  But what about the other 1/3 deaths from guns?  Alcohol being a depressant!  What is depression?  It can be defined to be internalized Anger!  So indeed when one is not depressed from alcohol use can they be said to be mal-cathartic ally expressing that internalized anger in other ways?  ~ such as shooting people?  Okay I could express that point more clearly, but you get it and I am not going to get angry about it.

And it is Sunday so I am going to preach to you to!  Did Jesus really mean that Alcohol is the root of all evil?  Why would he use the word root?  We very well know that Italy or Rome rather was a wine growing region.  You never hear your history professor say that Roman Imperialism was due to finding new markets for that wine though.  But we did hear Jesus Christ call people all kinds of insults, such as those "Who know not what they do" and the Satan that has no soul and can read the minds of men.  Yes that is all in the Bible as well as the mention of the absent minded vineyard owner.  We also know (I do from the History Channel) that the Egyptians fed the pyramid slaves beer and bread!  So Jesus indeed was a rare bread at the time!  He had a good head on his shoulders didn't he!  And what did he do in the loaves and the fishes?  He great diluted the one in order to easily feed the masses!  That is no mystery!  That is a metaphor that has a lot of Wisdom to it!  And what else did Jesus tell those at the last supper he said this is the blood of my life as he held out the wine goblet.  He is looking around him and also telling them drink this instead of my blood!  He is saying look back in history and you will see that these reprobates were vamp-yrs!  Okay these last two sentences lesson my argument because they seem unbelievable or ...  But why do you tell people to drink a cup of wine as if it is your own blood?  It isn't saying anything good about those he knew betrayed him!  Jesus was not from Rome!  But he sure started to speak up about them and others for a whole HOST of reasons didn't he!  And I capitalize HOST.  Why?  Just read the Bible when the God of Hosts takes the podium!  Use that search term in your online Bible, "God of hosts."  It is like saying if I hear voices in my head I am really a "God of Hosts?" or a Host?  Okay that lessons my main argument because you can't relate to it either.

Before you take this gun control issue any further you give me the statistics of those who own guns and do not drink alcohol!!!!  You give me the stats of those who are not on drugs of any kind too!

Before you take the issue of gun control any further you read and reread what I just wrote!

Why not take away the can of beer before the gun?

How many father son relationships are screwed up by alcohol?
How many marriages are screwed up by alcohol?

How many brains are deprived of oxygen by alcohol.  It is like me saying, why don't you put a bag over your head every Friday and Saturday night until you turn blue from oxygen deprivation and then we'll see what you do with a gun?  That oxygen deprivation is the killing of yourself!  It is the death of your brain cells!  And what about the children you conceive with your wife?  We already know that alcohol harms the fetus!  But yet they are not telling you to never have sex if you alcohol in your blood!  Sure the Republican bastard son of a chain cigarette smoking parents, with white walls in their house painted brown from cigarette smoke might tell you something completely different.

You want to clean up this town you do it in the order it should be done. Why don't you want to?  Because as soon as everyone is sober they are going to easily be able to tell who the criminals are!

Source of Alcohol Fatalities a Year

Source of Gun_violence_in_the_United_States

And one more point.  I can't resist this one.  Jesus was talking to the sons of a wealthy Jewish San Hedrin.  And let's see if you can get the metaphor in this one.  One of Jesus's disciples, don't know if it was Judas or not, pulled out his sword and cut off the ear of that son.  All hell broke lose for Jesus after that!  But what is the symbolism of cutting off someones ear?  It is like saying, you idiot you can't hear me and aren't listening either!  You dipshi7 spoiled son, you worthless sack of cra9, you dependent minded freak, you satan, etc, etc, etc.  It is like saying you don't need that ear anyway because you only have half a brain. Honest to God you could make a Monty Python skit out of that one!  Or I hate to put the fate out there,... but out of frustration the special education Mr. Cotter type teacher cut off the kids ear.  Hope you all look forward to school tomorrow.

The Statistics and meaning behind them tell the true story here.  But the sad point is that alcohol has been so widely accepted that the push is for all drugs to be widely accepted to, legalizing marijuana being the current fad.  If you think we have a problem today, just wait!

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