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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Business Opportunity for Local Manufacturer 04 16 2013

Business Opportunity for Local Manufacturer 04 16 2013

One way to address the issue of waste water that the deep tunnel holds being washed into Lake Michigan is to use rain barrels.

But here is one that no-one has thought of yet.  Your sump pump pumps water up from under the foundation of your house and outside.  That pump is already pushing that water against gravity.

So here is the idea.  Instead of that sump pump just draining that water outside wouldn't it be more beneficial if that water could be pumped into a reservoir and then used later on for items like water plants, crops, washing cars or flushing toilets?

What would be required would be a storage tank.  It would look much like a septic tank.  They could be made to stand upright or even buried under the ground.

The amount of water that could be saved would be enormous!

The plumbing system in your house would have to be modified to let the toilets run on the rain water.  This could be done by putting a smaller sized storage tank in your attic and using discrete plumbing to the toilets.

I would think that if there were a company that used to or still does make water heaters that it would not be too much of a stretch for them to make such storage tanks.

Consumers could indeed paint them with approved paints to make them aesthetically pleasing.

The sump pump could be upgraded in terms of its duty cycle so that the water could be pumped from the primary storage tank for times that a higher water pressure could be needed such as spraying and pumping it up to the secondary water storage tank in the attic.

Does the idea of water storage tanks in the attic sound odd to you?  Just drive around the third ward of Milwaukee and you will see that many former manufacturing plants still have the framework where the factory held a water tank on the roof!  So it is indeed an abandoned idea.  The water tanks came down off the roof and then we got a bar on every corner or vice versa?

I think there would be a market for these tanks and they would indeed be very large and would need to have some sort of rustproof technology, ideally in the metallurgy.

All new houses should indeed be of this construction.

What responsible community member likes to see that untreated sewer water discharged into Lake Michigan.

And one more point?  I have heard that we cannot give Waukesha County Lake Michigan water because it will only spread the Radium in the ground water table to other areas of the State as it gets "Flushed" But what we could do is give them our deep tunnel water to treat and use?  Can you beat a bargain like that?  It is better than Radium water!  The last time I drank a cup of Waukesha tap water my face turned red and started to itch.  I could taste something odd in it!  Tasted the way that a burning log smells.

Which gets me to the next point.  Whoever had the unknown environmental accident that put the Radium in the water isn't fessing up to it!  Why not?  Were they not insured?  Were they self insured?  Would the insurance claim bankrupt the Insurance industry and the tax payer have to foot the bill?  That would not speak very well to the rights that the Tea Party is proclaiming.

Are there unknown health risks involving Radium?

Waukesha is said to be the richest county in the State and vote Republican.  They also had an issue with regard to the ballots at the election for Governor.

Okay I am going to say it, "How long before Milwaukee's major Newspaper is called the "Waukesha" Times or whatever?  What am I getting at?

Milwaukee was going to have to pay more for water.  They were not going to tell us why?  And indeed a local newspaper did indeed come out in favor of a Governor from Waukesha.

I have to wonder if in the future property values will be determined by how clean the GROUND water is?

And who among us would not be willing to sell water from the pump sump tank or rain barrel system?  Indeed that could be a big business in the future!  The runoff is terrible for the environment.
It might be a new form of recycling?

I wouldn't mind turning on the valve to my storage tank and earning some money from it?

I know the argument would be that it would not be aesthetically pleasing to the architecture.  I would make the argument that a someone with radium exposure, AKA Zombie, is not aesthetically pleasing and neither are their works or the words that come out of their mouths!

Oddly enough my mother is in the hospital for a hernia operation.  While she was their she broke out in a rash on the back of her body.  It felt hot to the touch.  My sister and I visited her.  My sister ended up with an infected salivary gland under her ear.  Her face puffed up and she was put on antibiotics.  While I was sitting in the room my elbow got sore.  It puffed up to the size of a golf ball.  Then it went down and the skin turned red in an area of ten square inches around it.  After it turned red it then turned black.  I ended up going to the emergency room at the hospital while at the hospital visiting my mother because a nurse looked at my arm and told me that I should.  The nurse that put a oximeter on my finger put it on the finger that she saw had a black hemorrhage under the nail and squeezed it.  She claimed that machine was not getting an accurate reading after trying two other fingers and two different manufacturers of oximeters.  One of them had an Italian label.

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PS. If the ground water radium were allowed to spread would the slogan again be, "When do we eat?"  because that water could not be used to grow anything?

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