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Monday, April 22, 2013

Class Sizes 04 22 2013

Class Sizes 04 22 2013

Does school class size matter if every child is well behaved and not posing a bully threat to other children?

Theoretically you could have a class size of ten and none of the children could learn because of one bad kid!

If class sizes are 35 to 40 now you have to segregate those children who pose a behavioral problem.  Otherwise you would have to label that class a waste of education dollars.

But the reality is that there is an appropriate class size for one teacher to teach!  And for children this age 35-40 is too high.

You can't have class sizes that high today when you have children that have learning and behavioral disabilities in the class room.

What happens to those with behavior disorders?  They don't really change.  Oddly enough most corporate executes have what is called psychotic features to there personality.  So they do us no good either.  Sure they will make the case for themselves that they have strong personalities and are practical thinkers that make the tough choices for the rest of us.  But that is a joke, it is self serving statements.

Not only will that bad kid create a classroom where others can't learn they will also create a future that is unsustainable!

And if you don't believe that people can be poisoned during their development by common poisons such and alcohol and tobacco to have a critical part of their brain not function then you need to go back to grade school.  Jesus Christ called them Satanic.  The reason that they latch out at others is because they are miserable.  And they are miserable all their lives!  Education dollars are wasted trying to educate them!  Why?  It is kind of like how Joe Biden had a stroke and then got better. What am I getting at?  If you don't have your own soul you could have a traumatic brain injury and always come back to life as someone else, sharing someone else's soul against their will and labeling them schizophrenic (it means split soul).  And do you know what that is?  It is the religion of the United States of America to do that to people.

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