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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Inventions Needed 04 07 2013 GPS and Backup Monitor in one

Inventions Needed 04 07 2013 GPS and Backup Monitor in one
An aftermarket automobile GPS with a backup monitor in one.
Background: Not all new cars contain the safety backup system.  It should indeed be mandated on all new cars.  Many new cars are designed where the driver and passengers sit down from the field of view and the window level and the back and peripheral view is much obstructed.
The device should also have a quick function switch button that does not take a lot of pressure to switch.  Why?  Because if you have to push it to hard you are likely to dislodge the standard suction cup or adhesive patch that holds it to your dashboard.  A button on top would seem to be a more likely choice because of this.
There is no room on your dashboard for both a GPS and a backup monitor.  The two devices both use the same LED monitor.  And indeed if you were to use two separate devices you would be complicating your driving and that is not safe either.
The GPS could indeed have a laser based censor that notices a change from forward to reverse direction and shows you a picture of the back view from the LED screen.
Also use two separate devices instead of one runs down the battery quicker and that is not safe either.
I would expect that major GPS makers would embrace the idea for the fact that most drivers consider the GPS technology the one that a person would chose for brand dependability.

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