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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mysterious stone structure found beneath Sea of Galilee

Commentary with regard to above link.

Jesus Christ wanted to go back to Galilee at the end of his life.  It is very interesting that this city is at the bottom of the sea of Galilee.  The article implies an advanced race lived there and that they needed to protect themselves!!!  Galilee would be on the shore of the Sea of Galilee?  Therefore Jesus affinity for Galilee implies that he might be a survivor of this advanced race.

The description of this city reminds me a lot of the lost city of Atlantis.  But the key here is that an advanced civiliation would not build where they could be subjected to be flooded.  What does this imply?  That something is burried under this structure?  Something burried where no one would ever be able to find it?  Where they knew it would be submerged at some point?

And why indeed was it heavily fortified?  It had to have been becuase they had enemies.  Who were the enemies of Jesus Christ?  There is indeed something that he described as being Satan in the Bible?

And if it is not Atlantis could it be the Garden of Eden?  And if it was the Garden of Eden were the enemies of the city those who were evicted from the city for the inability to listen to the "Lord" of the city?

Be prepared for the Revelation.

PS.  That tunnel like looking structure looks a lot like the mysterious structures found on Mars!!!!

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PS.  I would post directly at the commentary section of the MSN site by I have been censored from doing so!  What don't they want you to know?????  I already know what they don't want you to know.

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