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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Opportunity for Writers and Scribes 04 21 2013

Opportunity for Writers and Scribes 04 21 2013

With Aides, Diabetes, Cancer, heart disease you all ought to be writing about what it was like to be in a Leopard Colony!  And that is indeed where many of you belong!

You ought to research what it was like living in a Leper Colony!  Were they gated off like some kind of bad camp?

What food did they eat?

And if indeed Leper Colonies were like an outdoor prison camp like Guantanamo Bay or worse in horrific world history.  I have to ask the question.  They never found the body of Jesus Christ!  Did he really die?  Or was he taken down from the cross after most of the life was drained from him by your Vampyr race and put in a Leper Colony????

If Leper Colonies were quarantined areas there is only one way that he could have walked with the Leopards??  If he was put in there!!!  And once you are put in one you don't get out!

And what is that the exact same thing as?  It is the same thing as human beings having their souls stolen and put on psychiatric medicine isn't it?  They walk around like they are in a Leopard Colony.  So who would put someone that does not belong in a Leper colony in one?  Someone that does not have their own human soul.  Someone that was raised in a group the way that Primates were?  The developmentally compromised children of socialites?

There is strong circumstantial evidence that Lazarus escaped from  Leper Colony or mining area?  Was the sea of Galilee really a open pit gold mine?  It had to have been empty of water or they could not have built that structure at the bottom of it.  The gold walls that were the expanse of the Temple of David had to have been mined from somewhere?

Do you see how there has to have been great omissions from our English based history books?

You might even win an award if you research about a leper colony and make a movie about it.

I can see it already.

"Who is that there in the hay.  He has a black tooth and his hair disheveled?  He is with a young shrew."

"He says his name is William Jefferson Clinton."

"Who is that not sitting to far away?  The one with the face that looks like it has fallen because she was part of a bad seance where they were cursing someone and had a stroke in the process."

"We don't know who she is.  But she is sometimes in the same hay pile as billy."

So how do we know of the existence of Satan in our country today?  It is very simple.  Satan leaves a trail of those whose souls have been taken from them and are labeled schizophrenic.  Satan also leaves a trail of doing horrific things to human beings, so when you find those victims you also have evidence of Satan.  This is how Satan can not hide in our world."

What is my point?  Our country wasn't meant to be the way it is today and should not be the way it is today!

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