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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quote of the Day 04 17 2013

Quote of the Day 04 17 2013

What is even more odd than one person talking to themselves because there is no other way that they can hear themselves think is two people talking to each other as if there was a third person really in the conversation!!!

And that leads to the quote of the day,

"They like you so much that when they talk to each other they pretend your are in the conversation too!"

Which leads to the second quote of the day which is the antithesis of truth;

"The muse has no talent of its own!"

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PS.  There is a lot of opportunity for highly valid situational comedy with this one, such as: "How many people make highly important decisions as if there was that third person in the conversation that really isn't there!"  And coming to absurd conclusions as to solutions based on what they agree the third person in the conversation who isn't there would do.  "Welcome to the World of Revelation!" might be the title of the program.

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